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Seedify Reveals Its New Incubation Projects

Tue, 12/04/2022 - 12:20
Seedify Reveals Its New Incubation Projects
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On April 4th, Seedify, the blockchain gaming industry's leading launchpad platform, revealed the launch of its new incubation program, along with the initial projects signed on to its services. 


Through the program, the Seedify team identifies and works closely with high-quality, innovative blockchain gaming and metaverse startups to streamline their development, funding, design and launch processes.

Seedify's incubation services include advisory resources, marketing support, tokenomics design, introductions to Seedify's extensive network of key industry, solutions, influencers and marketing partners, as well as a variety of other vital services focused on ensuring early-stage projects are in the best possible position to succeed.

"At Seedify, we are fully committed to providing solutions and supporting innovators in the blockchain gaming space," shared Seedify’s founder and CEO Levent Cem Aydan. "Our incubation program allows us to focus our support on teams and founders with ideas and concepts that truly elevate the quality of the overall projects launched into this space."

Introducing Seedify's New Incubation Projects

The initial projects utilizing Seedify's incubation services are: Aradena, Battlegrounds, Lidyverse, Astro Hounds and League of Empires. 

Each quality project brings its own unique, innovative approach to the blockchain gaming and metaverse space.

Aradena: Battlegrounds is a play-and-earn strategy game featuring complex, strategic, immersive 3D gameplay. The projects' genesis NFT series, Warriors of Aradena, sold out in less than 15 minutes. Animoca Brands is a lead investor.

Lidyverse, is led by Turkish e-commerce pioneers, and is the gateway to fashion in the metaverse, providing a marketplace, as well as software solutions and services for the fashion industry through its platform.

Astro Hounds is a women-led project that combines thrilling hound racing, breeding and training with AR/VR and a AAA quality gaming experience.

League of Empires is the first real massive multiplayer online, real-time strategy (MMORTS) game on blockchain, featuring interactive, 3D game-play, where players will be able to build empires and engage in exciting real-time strategy battles.

Seedify Incubation and Seed Staking: Providing Value for SFUND Holders

In exchange for the efforts and services Seedify provides to blockchain gaming and metaverse startups throughout the incubation process, the platform receives a large amount of the projects' tokens.

A percentage of the tokens that Seedify receives will then be distributed to the holders of its native SFUND token, participating in Seedify's staking and farming program. 

Seed Staking is a feature not offered by any other launchpad in the blockchain ecosystem. It allows SFUND stakers and farmers to receive free tokens from every project Seedify incubates at no additional cost and with no added effort requirements. The mechanism complements the SFUND staking rewards and access to Seedify's launchpads that its participants already enjoy.

"The combination of our incubation program and Seed Staking mechanism gives us the ability to achieve a two-pronged solution and fulfill parallel commitments in the process," said Mr. Aydan, "Through incubation, we help drive innovation, advancements and growth in blockchain gaming and the metaverse space, while Seed Staking allows us to provide tremendous additional value to our token holders with consistent passive rewards in the form of free, high-quality gaming tokens from our incubated projects." 

Through its incubation program Seedify will provide vital services to forward-thinking founders and projects, while enhancing the value it provides to SFUND holders with the distribution of free high-quality gaming tokens through its Seed Staking mechanism..

To participate and earn free tokens from Seedify's incubated projects, please refer to the following links:

About Seedify

Seedify is a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building, and a full support system to help drive the future of gaming and blockchain.

To learn more about Seedify, follow the links:

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