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Rowan Energy Will Make Blockchain Mainstream

Mon, 04/26/2021 - 12:37
Rowan Energy Will Make Blockchain Mainstream
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What if there was a solution based on tokenized blockchain adopted by the masses in a simple and convenient way, without them even realizing they’re using it?

Blockchain may seem perfect on the surface, but it’s extremely beginner-hostile. Despite its amazing potential, the steep learning curve has been the main obstacle for mass adoption. Simply put, people would have to sit and actively learn about blockchain to understand why it’s such ground-breaking technology.

On the other hand, many blockchain enthusiasts would love to see blockchain reaching mainstream adoption, and that’s exactly why Rowan Energy exists.

What’s Rowan Energy’s Main Goal?

Essentially, Rowan Energy offers home solar users money in exchange for the electricity they produce. The platform is completely backed by blockchain architecture and uses the openly tradeable Rowan Token (RWN) to support its ecosystem.

All you have to do as a solar energy user is go to the Rowan Rewards page and buy Rowan Smart Miner, a custom smart meter installed at your property by a certified engineer. The meter will then generate Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), and Rowan pays users who share their data used to mint the REC.

Users will get paid in fiat currency to their PayPal account or via Rowan’s official debit card. Still, all back-end payments will be conducted in RWN.

As you continue generating electricity, Rowan will automatically buy Rowan Token from an exchange to cover its value. Once you decide to withdraw your funds, Rowan will sell RWN tokens so as to avoid price fluctuations of its native cryptocurrency.

How Much Money Can You Earn with Rowan?

Rowan can currently pay 10 pennies for every 1 kWh (kilowatt-hour). Solar users in the UK produce 20 kWh daily on average.

The company aims to install 10,000 smart meters during its first 12 months. If it manages to meet that milestone, it will be able to buy £20,000 worth of RWN from exchanges.

This way, mainstream adoption of blockchain doesn’t seem like wishful thinking. In fact, it’s already happening in real-time, thanks to the users who are already part of Rowan Rewards and get compensation for minting RECs.

If you want to learn more, make sure to visit Rowan Energy’s Twitter or Discord, where you can follow the latest developments related to the project and chat with the team and CEO.

Rowan Energy

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