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Privacy Coin Utopia Crypton (CRP) Now Available In 1800+ Online Stores Payment Methods

Thu, 22/09/2022 - 11:41
Privacy Coin Utopia Crypton (CRP) Now Available In 1800+ Online Stores Payment Methods
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Key highlights:

  • Privacy blockchain Utopia's cryptos CRP and UUSD are accepted as payment methods by more than 1800 online stores.
  • Utopia is the only decentralized blockchain where Transaction Explorer cannot be implemented.
  • On the blockchain, transactions are processed and verified in less than 1 second.

Utopia, a decentralized ecosystem for keeping financial transactions private, combating online surveillance, and making payments without sharing personal information, has crossed a new milestone. More than 1800 online stores have integrated this crypto as a payment method, developed specifically for privacy. Now anyone around the world can shop anonymously using Utopia at thousands of stores.


Utopia is a unique blockchain developed over a period of 9 years and launched 3 years ago. Proven track record and continuous improvement are two factors that have driven the adoption of Crypton (CRP) and Utopia USD (UUSD) as payment methods by an increasing number of merchants. Furthering their collaboration by signing various agreements in June 2022, Utopia is now widely used to enjoy low commissions and instant privacy protection when paying for services and goods.

Payment Confidentiality Mechanism

Utopia has studied privacy-based blockchains and aimed to be the blockchain that provides the best service by detecting problems. During the 9-year development process, solutions have been developed for many issues that violate confidentiality. There is no metadata such as amount transferred, transaction date or account information in Utopia. The only decentralized blockchain where Transaction Explorer cannot be implemented is Utopia. In order to see the details of any transaction in the network, it is necessary to be one of the parties to the transaction. In other words, only the receiving and sending party can have information about the transaction.

Merchants who accept Utopia as a means of payment gain access to a large audience willing to protect their financial privacy. The rapid growth this ecosystem has achieved provides a great opportunity for both personal users and merchants to take advantage of privacy and other opportunities.

Pros of Using Utopia

  • Creating and redeeming coupon codes enables offline and paper money transfers,
  • High liquidity and internal exchange for fast transfers in/out of the ecosystem,
  • Thanks to the P2P infrastructure, there is no network congestion,
  • There are no KYC requirements or transaction limits within the ecosystem,
  • Crypto cards are offered for simpler payments and billing,
  • There are desktop GUI and console software, built-in API and tools for merchants.

Utopia Ecosystem Components

Utopia ecosystem provides much more than just privacy-focused payment and shopping. The ecosystem includes multiplayer games, decentralized DNS and domain registration, Tor alternative secure network, and Idyll browser developed for navigating deep sites hosted in the Utopia ecosystem.

Crypton and Utopia USD are built on a serverless peer-to-peer blockchain that powers an all-in-one privacy kit for voice communication, instant messaging, encrypted email and private web browsing.

Utopia blockchain works with the Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Resources consensus algorithms. Miners contribute by decentralizing resources such as RAM, internet connection and CPU to the network. Contributors and validation participants in different locations around the world are rewarded every time a new block is created (every 15 minutes). The privacy of each ecosystem user is protected using a dynamic multi-link routing engine with man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack protection. XSalsa20, Curve25519 and Poly1305 algorithms are used to sign, encrypt and authenticate objects, packets and connections between peers.

One of the key features of the Utopia blockchain is its high transaction speed combined with exceptional anonymity, privacy and security. Transactions processed in less than 1 second provide instant transaction capability to the ecosystem, creating a blockchain suitable for instant payments. This results in the most advanced decentralized payment system for Merchant Invoices, Interest payments, crypto cards and uVouchers.

How to Use Utopia

By downloading Utopia's desktop software, you can use the application on Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems. There is also an Android version of the app, which offers services in 29 different languages. The ecosystem was developed by a group of network technology enthusiasts who value privacy. To eliminate any potential impact on the project, Utopia developers will remain anonymous forever.

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