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NiftyPlanet Is Set To Conquer Asia With Its Ambitious NFT Marketplace

Wed, 06/23/2021 - 18:47
NiftyPlanet Is Set To Conquer Asia With Its Ambitious NFT Marketplace
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When the hype is on, it’s quite hard to find projects of value among those that just use loud words - the same goes for NFT nowadays. But there’s one new name that turns out to be a breath of fresh air - NiftyPlanet.

A new type of experience

NiftyPlanet is a Tokyo-based NFT project with huge ambitions to become the biggest NFT marketplace in Asia. The developers plan to take NiftyPlanet far beyond the trading of traditional digital arts. Once it gets going with artwork, music, trading cards, etc., the platform should follow with the trading of experiences and hybrid digital/physical or fully physical items.

As a semi self-funded platform, NiftyPlanet is open to new investors. One of its main aims is to turn the project into a decentralized Foundation, where the community is in charge. Further development should be fully decided by users through an independent and transparent governance process.

As for its creators, NiftyPlanet is a closed type of project. In order to join the creators’ list, every user must go through a Due Diligence check. But this is the minimum prerequisite for building a reliable community of creators. 

Unique features of NiftyPlanet

If a strong ‘chosen’ community and presence in both the digital and physical worlds is not enough for you, NiftyPlanet has something special to offer. The team plans to attract a lot of attention through customized NFT drops that have unique mechanics, increasing the value of their NFTs. There’s a list of celebrities (mostly from Japan and China) waiting to come forward with their personalized drops on NiftyPlanet in the coming months.

NiftyPlanet’s native token is NFPL. Token holders will be incentivized in different ways to use and own NFPL. The value is here!

Future developments

The NiftyPlanet platform is based on blockchain technology, which automatically guarantees transparency and safety. Partner companies can count on SDK solutions in the future. But the team’s plans don’t stop there. In addition:

  • The DeFi module and marketplace will be implemented for aftermarket needs
  • Integrations with OpenSea are planned, but only with a joint decision with creators about an open/public drop
  • A cross-chain solution launch in Q4 2021
  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering) internationally July-August 2021
  • IDO (Initial Dex Offering) in Japan, China and internationally

NiftyPlanet looks very promising. The platform has exclusive features and plans to build around its strong community while moving towards full decentralization. A clear plan for the future and the determination of its developers is what will bring long-term prosperity and success to NiftlyPlanet.

Follow NiftyPlanet’s socials for more details: Twitter, Medium, Telegram.


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