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Mine Cryptocurrencies With Operation Phoenix to Get the Best Possible Profit With its Unique Automatic Strategy Function

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 14:04
Mine Cryptocurrencies With Operation Phoenix to Get the Best Possible Profit With its Unique Automatic Strategy Function
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If you want to diversify your mining investment in the most competitive conditions, this excellent product offers a unique set of options that other cryptocurrency mining services don’t.

Operation Phoenix is a Canadian mining platform that has been active since the beginning of 2020. Its mining farm was developed and implemented over 7 years, with the objective of developing a model where heat produced by crypto mining is recovered and reused by companies looking for ecological energy alternatives.

The infrastructure has several levels: electrical network, Ethernet / Internet network, mining hardware and software. Every detail is important, whether it is network latency, energy prices, pool stability, supplier reliability, energy recovery or other crucial elements.

Collaborating with other mining companies enables Operation Phoenix to optimize its processes, and it has recently created a new product that makes it possible to mine alternative coins using GPU.

A marked difference between Operation Phoenix’s offer and other crypto mining services is that customers buy C-Units instead of single hash rates. Buying C-Units provides computing power for different algorithms, and customers can choose to mine different coins daily for periods ranging from 1 to 4 years.

A one-month test pack is available for $12 to try and test C-Units, and even earn with a small investment. Unlike other mining companies, Operation Phoenix has a large selection of altcoin mining possibilities. Once you purchase C-Units, you can choose to mine the most profitable coin at that time among the different coins available, and new coins are added regularly. You can also select the pool to mine and the wallet where you want to receive them.

Operation Phoenix also offers the Automatic Strategy function, an innovative feature that lets the software automatically select the most profitable coin mining at that time, ensuring that customers always get the best possible profit.

C-Units are updated over time, all maintenance costs are included and software is constantly improved with the goal of getting more profit by increasing hash rate, supported cryptocurrencies and eventually support new algorithms.

New coins are added every week. For example, you can mine coins like ETH, ETC, Zcoin, Beam, BitCash, Nimiq, Ravencoin, Metaverse and Bitcoin Gold with our C-Units. And soon coins like Monero, Grin, Monacoin will be available to mine, which are rarely supported by other mining companies but can help diversify your investment.

Regular payments are also guaranteed. Unlike other cloud mining services on the market, coins arrive directly in customers’ wallets from the selected pool as they are mined, several times a day. Payments can be made using PayPal, crypto and bank transfer.

Operation Phoenix. Advanced Computing Solutions.

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