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Mikscoin Project Will Assist CAP In Medical Field Expansion

Fri, 16/10/2020 - 14:25
Mikscoin Project Will Assist CAP In Medical Field Expansion
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The Cells Aging Care Project (CAP), attracting much attention by developing cutting-edge medical business using rare stem cells, concluded a business alliance agreement with Mikscoin Project on September 25 in the field of blockchain and other related technology. Their technology is expected to dramatically improve medical data management as well as business standardization and security performance, providing the solid basis to expand business in the world. 


The CAP business consists of two pillars. One is the franchise management of beauty clinics. They mainly focus on cutting-edge stem cell treatment. The stem cells are culture supernatant derived from human umbilical cord and are very valuable as they are rarely seen in the market. It is already launched in the market, and general clinics are starting to adopt this treatment. The other is the global expansion of the cosmetics business. They are expanding product development and sales from Asia countries including Japan to the world. They are currently negotiating with Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam. 

The Mikscoin Project will assist those business. In addition to adopting cryptocurrencies such as Mikscoin as a payment method, they also encrypt medical data with blockchain technology. By forming a partnership, they will learn know-how for global expansion such as to the Philippines and Estonia where Mikscoin project has already been implemented. Here, we would like to look at the direction of the business through the alliance between CAP and the Mikscoin Project. 

Conventionally, accumulated individual medical data is centrally managed, and therefore, there have been many security and other problems. By utilizing blockchain technology, the entire medical information and patients' health information will be decentrally managed. 

The advantages are:

      1. Consistency

There is only one data existing as the basis of the blockchain. The data is encrypted, decentralized and stored, therefore, there is no data inconsistency. If it is intentionally tampered or manipulated, any attempts will be immediately discovered as the data will not be consistent with the original. 

      2. Decentralization 

Normally, accumulated data is centrally managed by each medical institution, however, if management is decentralized with blockchain technology, unexpected situations such as system down will be prevented, and administrator will not be necessary. Personnel cost reduction will be beneficial especially under the corona environment. It also eliminates the dictatorial control of a particular administrator.

     3. Standardization

At present, there is no unified standard for managing medical data, however by utilizing blockchain technology, medical information can be standardized and speeded up, operation is simplified, information is easily disseminated, and operational efficiency is improved, which reduces mistakes. 

     4. Security

 When registering confidential patient information including medical history, robustness of security is obviously important. Blockchain enhances security as the technology limits recipients of information sharing and improves tamper resistance. In addition, it also prevents the spread of ineligible medicines. Using the blockchain of drug information, traceability management from manufacturing, distribution to wholesalers, to stores and to consumers enables tracking the distribution channel and prevents the spread of ineligible drugs. The pharmaceutical supply chain is now globalized, and the record from research and development to usage needs to be globally managed. By using the blockchain, for example, individual contracts and pricing will be more efficiently managed. Based on these facts, the collaborative business appears to have very high potential for future growth. Let's pay attention to the future movements of both companies. 

◆Reference *Culture supernatant of stem cells used by CAP is "culture supernatant of stem cells derived from humans" domestically produced in Japan using only Japanese donors. Extracted only from the clear supernatant produced in the process of culturing human stem cells, being rich in cytokines. Cytokine is one kind of functional protein secreted from stem cells, possessing a strong effect of enhancing cell proliferation, and is expected to be utilized in cosmetic treatment or regenerative treatment of damaged parts

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