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Investing in StreamCoin Is Like Investing in Bitcoin in 2010

Tue, 26/04/2022 - 16:29
Investing in StreamCoin Is Like Investing in Bitcoin in 2010
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For investors looking for the next big altcoin, StreamCoin (STRM) might be the next big thing. According to the crypto community, this is a cryptocurrency with a huge potential to explode and increase thousands of times. The coin has been likened to investing in Bitcoin in 2010. That’s how potent this project is,


StreamCoin project has products that make one of the best utility projects in the industry. The team has built one of the most powerful blockchains, the Stream chain, which offers incredible scaling, and the gas cost is quite low.

But what has been attracting crypto investors and the reasons the crypto community believes that $STRM is the next big thing is the powerful streaming platforms built on the Stream chain called MeiTalk. It is a decentralized streaming platform that is already attracting crypto investors’ attention.

The MeiTalk streaming platform is using the StreamCoin blockchain to connect streamers and viewers directly. The platform provides a better alternative to Facebook Live, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live, and many other popular centralized streaming platforms.

MeiTalk will enable streamers to multicast their content to over 50 broadcasting channels. The streaming application also offers automated subtitle generation for multiple languages. These are two features that will enable streamers to access a larger viewership than any streaming platform today.

In addition to that, MeiTalk streamers will be able to control the ads on their streams and enjoy 100% of the generated revenue. The StreamCoin platform is also enabling streamers to increase their income by minting NFTs from their videos and trading them on the Stream NFT marketplace.

Did you know that MeiTalk also rewards viewers for watching live streaming? This is true. That’s how powerful and disruptive this streaming product is. With live streaming adoption growing rapidly, MeiTalk will be the next big streaming platform in the industry.

Apart from the MeiTalk and the NFT marketplace, The StreamCoin ecosystem has a range of products, including a research platform that enables companies carry out research and reward in $STRM as an incentive. The GaStream token is also adding utility to this ecosystem.

Therefore, StreamCoin is a crypto project with an incredible utility. It has the potential to explode 1000x due to the massive adoption of its products, especially the MeiTalk. That’s why it has been likened to buying Bitcoin back in 2010.

The StreamCoin (STRM) public sale is going on, and it will end on 30th April 2022. Investors can also visit social media platforms for prompt updates!

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