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Will Chessium by RigNix Studio Change Whole Web3 Board Game Experience?

Mon, 30/01/2023 - 17:00
Will Chessium by RigNix Studio Change Whole Web3 Board Game Experience?
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Web3 brought a new breath to technology in various fields. In recent years, it has become more popular with the NFTs and has changed the game industry with the play to earn mechanism.


The first games developed with web3 mechanism were very popular but far behind web2 games in terms of game experience, gameplay and graphics. Because the focus of the game was just the “earn” and players were playing to earn tokens. Most of them failed due to lack of a sustainable game economy and tokenomics. This shortcoming turned their model into a Ponzi Scheme [1]. Also forcing players to buy NFTs or tokens to play, helps to destroy the trust for web3.

As Rignix Studio, our motto is: “Make Good Things Happen”. Our mission is to become a bridge between the traditional and the next generation of gaming — web3. A bridge that saves people from drowning: cutting edge technology and flawless graphics.

We rolled up our sleeves to analyze the main cavities of the current approaches. Then we started to develop our first web3 game, Chessium, which is not only Play-to-Earn but also Free-to-Play game that combines art with chess.

Chessium is designed and developed under the ideas of Free to Play (F2P) and Play to Earn (P2E), a blockchain-based game, built on Binance Smart Chain network and is one of the first projects to combine crypto economy with chess. Chessium offers people an exciting and fun-filled way to earn money while playing state-of-the-art traditional chess.

Chess NFTs with 3D Design

Chess pieces and chess boards will be NFTs of the Chessium platform. Players who bought NFT Chess pieces, can earn tokens at the P2E mode. Players who bought NFT Chess boards, can hold chess tournaments at the platform. At the beginning there will be a NFT Chess Pieces collection which is inspired from the Harry Potter: Wizard Chess scene. Afterwards, there will be different NFT collections such as Vikings, Goblins, Wizards, etc. Players can buy/sell these NFTs on the Marketplace.

There are two tokens on Chessium Platform: CHSS (Governance Token) and CGT (Utility Token). Players who hold CHSS, apart from buying and selling things, they have rights to vote on the platform, can stake their tokens. Players can use CGT in-game shopping.

In the end, As Rignix Studio, we are planning to give fun-based games on web3 with a sustainable economy to our community. The Chessium platform is the beginning of this stream. There will be different strategy based Board games such as Checkers, Onitama on the Chessium platform where people can spend time, socialize and spend quality time. Stay updated!

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