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Cardano Update - Acardex To Be The Biggest Defi Platform On Cardano With A Working DEX & NFT Marketplace

Thu, 02/24/2022 - 09:04
Cardano Update - Acardex To Be The Biggest Defi Platform On Cardano With A Working DEX & NFT Marketplace
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Acardex Protocol is an innovative platform on Cardano Blockchain that provides users with advanced Decentralized Exchange and NFT Marketplace functionalities. Acardex stands to be the first Defi Platform to offer both Advanced Functionalities of a DEX and NFT trading. 

Acardex Defi will power NFT marketplace for Digital and online creators to Mint & trade digital commodities as NonFungible Tokens, as well provide a decentralized exchange on the Cardano network for the sole purpose of swapping and trading native Cardano tokens. When in full operations, Acardex is set to offer host of other DeFi services like Initial DEX Offering launchpad, Borrowing and Lending protocol and much more.

Since its inception, Acardex has recorded a huge milestone which includes:

Smart Contract & Contract Address Verification: After our first Tech Report, our development team began to deploy smart contracts on Cardano, this surely will be a continuous process but the first sections have been successfully deployed, this led to the creation of our Github account.

Native Token Minting & Deployment: Again, thanks to the development team, we have been able to min and deploy the Acardex native token to the tune of 1 Billion pieces. You can check our token details/policy here.

Liquidity Pool Creation on Sundae Swap: We have minted and registered your token on the Cardano Blockchain. The process involved the minting on a node and the pull request on Cardano repository. We have also updated our Github account with four repositories; the token registry is associated to our account due to the pull request to register the ACX token.

We also forked the other 3 repos because we are planning on developing your DEX with that specific GitHub account associated, this will help to have everything in one place. With these stated, our website developers and smart contract developers will use the information in optimization of all developments.

Also, for liquidity pools, we have been verified and eligible for pool creation on sundae swap with no issues.

Top Notch Features Of Acardex Defi Platform:

Reduced Counter-Party Risks: Counter-party risk is clearly evident when one of the parties involved in a transaction does not fulfill their contractual obligation. This will be cancelled out as there will be no need for any intermediary for transactions, rather through our smart contracts, automated means of processing transactions is assured, and this ultimately entails gaining freedom from counter-party risks.

Anonymity: The first important advantage associated with Acardex decentralized exchanges would refer directly to the anonymity of users. Users do not need to pass the standard identification procedures such as Know Your Customer or KYC processes with decentralized crypto exchanges.

Low security risks: This simply means that users are in charge of their funds and wallet, no one can literally freeze or hack decentralized exchanges as they provide users with private keys. The unique highlight of a DEX or decentralized exchange is that it does not control the funds of users.

The native token which will power Acardex network is $ACX and its total supply will be 1,000,000,000 ACX

ACX Token Seed-Sale Details

1 ACX = 0.00125 ADA

1 ADA = 800 ACX

Minimum Buy: 300 ADA

Maximum Buy: 30,000 ADA

To participate in the On Going Seed-Sale, users should only use Cardano native wallets like Yoroi Wallet, Daedalus Wallet, Nami Wallet or Adalite Wallet.

Comprehensive guide will be made available on how to participate in the On-going ACX Seed-Sale.

Remember, users can only participate in the Seed-Sale via our website:

Arcadex Socials Connect


Telegram Group:





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