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Polygon (MATIC) AI Guide Powered by ChatGPT Launches for Web3 Enthusiasts

Wed, 06/21/2023 - 15:36
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Vladislav Sopov
Polygon Copilot AI-fueled guide designed to introduce Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem and documentation to users with various levels of expertise in crypto
Polygon (MATIC) AI Guide Powered by ChatGPT Launches for Web3 Enthusiasts
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When the dust around OpenAI's ChatGPT settled, the cryptocurrency heavyweights started using it to educate their communities. Polygon Labs introduced the first-ever no-code platform designed to explain the basics of Polygon (MATIC) to all enthusiasts. It even has samples of ChatGPT prompts to make asking questions easier.

Polygon Copilot leverages ChatGPT to explain Polygon (MATIC) to newcomers and pros

Polygon Copilot, an AI guide trained on all public Polygon (MATIC) documentation and general Web3 content, kicks off in beta. With its instruments, everyone can advance their Polygon (MATIC) experience regardless of their level of background in crypto. The release was announced today, on June 21, 2023, in Polygon's (MATIC) Twitter.

The platform is co-developed by Polygon Labs and Layer-E, a start-up focused on Web3 content monetization. Polygon Copilot leverages ChatGPT-4, the most advanced publicly available product of OpenAI.

As explained by Polygon Labs, the launch of Polygon Copilot is set to address the increased complexity of the cryptocurrencies segment in the "ZK era":

In the era of ZK-powered scaling, navigating the vast ecosystem of dApps #onPolygon can become a challenge without a handy guide. Polygon Copilot, currently in Beta, provides quick responses, personalized onboarding experiences, code snippets, valuable insights, and analytics.

To demonstrate the opportunities of the new tool, the Polygon (MATIC) team created the demo of Copilot addressing how one can explain zkEVM to their grandmother.

From beginners to "degens": One interface for all types of users

Under the hood, Polygon Copilot has a lot in common with its underlying product, ChatGPT-4. It allows users to run "prompts" to answer questions about the Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem. It has a history of chats in order to keep track of the conversation with this or that user.

However, the history is available only to those users who connect their MetaMasks to Polygon Copilot. Also, to streamline the user experience, it added three levels of "knowledge," i.e., Beginner, Advanced and Degen.

Choosing the "background" is designed to allow users to get personalized answers that will not be too complicated.

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