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Paper Boat vs. Unstoppable Storm: Can the Corsair DeFi Challenge the Crypto Whales?

Thu, 08/26/2021 - 13:35
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Heewon Jang
Crypto "whalers" launch their own Corsair Dex
Paper Boat vs. Unstoppable Storm: Can the Corsair DeFi Challenge the Crypto Whales?
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If every first crypto-investor has heard about Whales, few know about "Whalers". Their main goal is to thwart the dirty plans of big players, thereby preserving the relative stability of individual crypto assets. Indeed, it is precisely because of this instability that the cryptocurrency market remains outcast in the global economy of the world, and sometimes even becomes an object of ridicule. Although real people are losing real money here.

More recently, one of these whaling ships sailed out of the dense fog. They call themselves Corsair and they have daring plans for the crypto market.

Who are Corsairs?

It is not known exactly! Presumably, their foundation was established in Belgium, France, the Netherlands or Portugal. After all, the Corsairs themselves say that their community was born in 2017, when a group of several traders from the Euronext stock exchange switched to the crypto market. They immediately noticed that some of the big traders easily manipulated the market using primitive and dirty methods that they would never have been able to replicate on the prestigious stock exchanges. According to them, one has to be blind not to see “rinsing and repetition”, exposed buy and sell walls, or false patterns on price charts. The corsairs have noticed these triggers long before they are worked off and the Kitam will not take what they expected.

Since 2017, the Corsair team has recruited over 30 traders who share their philosophy. Several hundred trading bots are configured for their mission, which help to notice the intentions of the Whales in time. As soon as they see suspicious movements, the Corsairs try to harpoon Keith, breaking his plans to absorb the fry.

What do they need now?

Until that time, the Corsairs managed to put things in order in relatively small crypto projects with a total capitalization of several hundred million dollars. They now want more market power to counter the biggest Whales. The corsairs are gathering their army of like-minded people. Everyone can show their involvement and support in their movement by buying and keeping in their account CASH tokens - Corsair's bargaining chip, the face value of which will grow with each new member of the global team. This token will accumulate funds that will allow you to outplay the Whales.

Once CASH is sufficiently capitalized, the Corsairs will create the modern Pirate Republic - their own DEX Corsair. They argue that this will force even the largest players to reckon with them, and the Whales will have to think several times before throwing a storm in the neutral waters of Crypto. 

What is known about CASH?

CASH token is a DeFi asset developed on BSC technology (BEP20). Adventurers, who decided to challenge the largest players, issued a symbolic 777,777,777 emission tokens - like real pirates of the Corsairs, apparently, they honor the image of luck and fortune. Actually, the Corsairs themselves show themselves to be quite gamblers. Their site is more like a casino, but this does not contradict their ideology, but on the contrary even emphasizes their position.

On August 7th, Corsair launched the PrivateSale of CASH tokens. Now the project is recruiting the closest participants, for whom special conditions will open from the very beginning. Look for more details on the official channels of the project Telegram and Twitter.

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Heewon Jang is a freelance journalist and the editor of CryptoGags section.
She is responsible for entertaining crypto content and bitcoin humour