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MegaWorld Game Celebrates BNB Chain Launch with $1 Million Airdrop

Fri, 12/02/2022 - 14:00
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Vladislav Sopov
MegaWorld, one of first blockchain-based games, expands to BNB Chain after five years on Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX)
MegaWorld Game Celebrates BNB Chain Launch with $1 Million Airdrop
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On BNB Chain, its third blockchain, MegaWorld, is set to adopt custom building opportunities to introduce metaverse instruments to players.

Veteran city-builder game MegaWorld expands to BNB Chain

MegaWorld, one of the oldest on-chain games, is ready to expand to BNB Chain, the most popular smart contracts platform for decentralized applications.

Since 2018, MegaWorld has been operating on Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX), the two largest blockchains on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). In over four years, MegaWorld onboarded more than 100,000 players and distributed more than 8,000 ETH and 55,000,000 TRX between them.

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Strategy and discovery modes are available for MegaWorld players: the first group requires basic economics and gaming skills. Also, on BNB Chain, the developers of MegaWorld will introduce a custom building mode.

The new module is set to allow players to create fully customized buildings and make them unique places in the virtual in-game world. During the upcoming Grand Opening event, a limited collection of land plots will be unlocked. The process of claiming land plots will mimic real-world real estate trading:

Remarkably, when a plot is initially purchased, the price for all the nearby ones will automatically rise, mimicking the real world where all real estate located in busy city centers and developed areas is more expensive.

Owners of in-game districts can benefit when someone purchases land plots in their areas. Also, they can impose and raise various taxes.

MegaWorld Creators Campaign kicks off

To celebrate the launch of its third iteration on BNB Chain, MegaWorld announces the MegaWorld Creators Campaign. This campaign will distribute $1,000,000 worth of in-game assets between users and community activists.

The BNB Chain city map will be unveiled in demo mode on Dec. 10, 2022, while the Grand Opening will take place on Dec. 15.

The custom building mode will be released in early Q1, 2023. The transactions and data transfer will be facilitated through Boba Network (BOBA), the first L2 scaler on BNB Chain.

Boba Network (BOBA) Introduces First L2 on BNB Chain

With Boba Network (BOBA), all operations on BNB Chain mainnet will take place in a low-cost, fast and resource-efficient manner.

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