Max Keiser Gives Major Reason for Purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) Now, Before It Hits $400,000

Wed, 05/06/2020 - 14:15
Yuri Molchan
Vocal Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser explains how in the current political and economic climate Bitcoin could hit $400,000 and transform local economies
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As Bitcoin is already trading slightly below $9,300, the community is happily rubbing their hands, looking forward to BTC surging over $10,000.

Meanwhile, prominent Bitcoin advocate, Max Keiser, has taken to Twitter to talk Bitcoin globally, his earlier $400,000 forecast in particular.

‘Buy some BTC under $10,000 before it goes 40x’

Max Keiser, a trader, investor and TV anchor on ‘Russia Today’, has shared several of his thoughts on Bitcoin and its potential to increase in price and help governments transform local economies. He also touched on the recent subject of Iran.

He states that China, Russia and Iran have recently been collaborating in various areas and sharing ideas on how to prevent the US global domination from spreading. He specifically pointed out that they did not join the Bretton-Woods agreement as if they were waiting for Bitcoin to appear to possibly profit from it when BTC goes 40x from the current price.

“Iran, China, Russia did not sign on to the Bretton-Woods agreement. They’ve been waiting (whether they knew it or not) for #Bitcoin for decades. Now the global forex market will dramatically change. Buy some BTC under $10,000 before it goes 40x.”

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'Bitcoin is transnational. $400,000 by any means'

Max Keiser expects propaganda against Iran to increase in the near future as the country has finally granted a license to the major mining company iMiner. Iranian power rates are quite low and attract investments into crypto mining from China and Russia, as well as other countries.

Besides, the US government considers the recent Iranian bet on crypto mining as an attempt to dodge the sanctions the US initiated against it. Keiser doubles down on his previous bullish forecast about Bitcoin hitting as much as $400,000 in the near future.

“Expecting anti-Iranian propaganda to rise on the #Bitcoin news. Here’s the ‘History of 1953 coup in Iran to get a feel for the players and history. Bitcoiners don’t parrot any country’s talking points. Bitcoin is transnational. $400,000 by any means.”

Investor and Bitcoin bull, Keiser, mentioned other countries that are against crypto (Ukraine, China, Russia, etc) and said that once they figure out that Bitcoin can recapitalize a whole country, they will bet on it and BTC will skyrocket to $400,000.

And once Bitcoin hits $400,000, Keiser believes, gold will follow it to the $10,000 level.

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