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Introducing Techera Syndicate, an Exclusive Collection of 99 New-Gen Utility NFTs

Mon, 08/22/2022 - 10:22
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Vladislav Sopov
Techera Solutions, heavy-hitting team of NFT builders, shares details of its upcoming Syndicate release
Introducing Techera Syndicate, an Exclusive Collection of 99 New-Gen Utility NFTs
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With the release of 99 Techera Syndicate NFTs, a decentralized community of NFT holders will be born. They will brainstorm, chat, and vote together in the pursuit of common goals and large profits. The 99 holders will join together to create, develop, and launch a collective NFT project. This is a unique, limited-edition, NFT collection unlike anything we have seen.

Techera Syndicate collection goes live in late August

According to the official announcement shared by Techera Solutions - an end-to-end NFT development studio, its pioneering collection, Techera Syndicate, will begin minting in August.

Image by Techera Solutions

Ninety-nine non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be minted on a rolling basis from August to November. Their holders will form a new exclusive community of entrepreneurs, creators, and Web3 enthusiasts. These holders gain access to exclusive chat, video, and metaverse locations. Together they will brainstorm, vote, and be the creative force behind a collective NFT project. When the project launches, the holders will share in all of the profits from the NFT launch and the ongoing royalties. 

Techera Solutions will complete all of the backend development for the NFT holders including: base art and trait design, NFT collection generation, smart contract creation & deployment, website design & development, roadmap & whitepaper creation, minting dApp built and integrated into website, security audit, and more. 

The Techera Syndicate holders will brainstorm and vote on different aspects of the collection including: The style of art, NFT collection size, utility, roadmap, NFT price, and launch date. 

Techera Solutions, the platform behind the upcoming release, will organize all operations in an end-to-end manner, organize an incredible launch party, and provide tens of thousands of dollars into advertising funds to market the NFT launch. Techera Syndicate NFT holders vote on where to spend the marketing funds. 

Novel way of development and community building in NFTs

Techera Solutions representatives highlighted that their products and services will be promoted in a completely novel way:

We don’t believe in twitter, discord, and "refer a friend" promotions (they turn spam-like very quickly). We also believe whitelisting can get corrupted as friends and associates are allowed to mint first.

As such, the only way to secure an NFT is to answer two straight-forward questions on their website. Their favorite responses will be chosen and given exclusive access to mint a NFT. This will be done on a rolling basis until Early November 2022, where the NFTs will be revealed, and development of the collection will begin.

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