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FTC Integrates With ReserveBlock RBX Network, Unlocks Document Tokenization Opportunities

Tue, 04/04/2023 - 14:30
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Vladislav Sopov
Top-tier research and inspection firm FTC starts using ReserveBlock RBX Network blockchain for data management and verification
FTC Integrates With ReserveBlock RBX Network, Unlocks Document Tokenization Opportunities
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FTC, a U.S.-headquartered award-winning inspection and engineering firm, announced its first-ever integration into the blockchain and cryptocurrencies segment. It is using high-performance proof-of-assurance distributed network ReserveBlock RBX.

FTC has entered into partnership with ReserveBlock RBX Network

According to the official announcement shared by inspection, research and engineering firm FTC, it has begun collaborating with ReserveBlock RBX network, a decentralized protocol based on a liquid proof-of-assurance (PoA) consensus. FTC will leverage the blockchain for storage and verification of technical data.

FTC will employ the blockchain protocol as a technical basis for tokenization of the firm's documentation, laboratory test results and filings in a transparent and tamper-proof manner.

In addition, FTC has joined ReserveBlock RBX as a validator: it owns and maintains a self-hosted beacon on the network. FTC's technical capacities help to protect the decentralization and integrity of the network.

Michael Marchese, vice president of FTC, stresses the importance of the collaboration for the two teams and the entire tokenization segment:

This is a significant development for FTC and our clients. By adopting and integrating blockchain technology using the RBX Network now allows us to ensure our documentation and work product is unquestionably authentic and sent directly to our clients without any third-party. This is solving a real issue of questioning the authenticity of inspection reports, building department filings and other documentations historically that require a licensed professional to sign and seal.

Customers of FTC and their counterparties will be able to verify all available documents seamlessly on ReserveBlock RBX blockchain with no need for third-party intermediaries.

Clients will be able to verify their documents on-chain

While all mechanisms of the collaboration will soon be up and running, FTC visitors will be able to leverage the existing clients portal to check the authenticity and status of the protocols provided by researchers.

An authentic and verified signature for all documents will also be available on request; the collaboration between FTC and ReserveBlock RBX will create a tamper-proof and verifiable authenticity check mechanism for all parties involved.

In the last few weeks, ReseveBlock RBX has made a number of crucial announcements: besides listing on top-tier CEXes, its token now has its own page on CoinMarketCap, the largest crypto information website.

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