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Degrain Launches (DGRN) Pre-Sale, Targets Theta Network (THETA) and Zcash (ZEC) Users

Tue, 07/12/2022 - 09:29
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Novel NFT token DGRN gains traction in pre-sale
Degrain Launches (DGRN) Pre-Sale, Targets Theta Network (THETA) and Zcash (ZEC) Users
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Bearish is causing a lot of havoc on the cryptocurrency market. For others with more insight, this is the perfect opportunity to look for coins and tokens to buy in expectation of a recovery in the coming months. Crypto fans are swarming to the new presale star Degrain (DGRN).

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Theta (THETA) at crossroads

Theta (THETA) promises to become the user-powered, upcoming blockchain platform for video and entertainment. With commercial validator nodes from Sony, Google, Samsung, and other firms, Theta (THETA) wants to make it easier for users to receive decentralized videos. Theta's (THETA) central business idea is to decentralize edge computing, video streaming, and data distribution to improve efficiency, cost, and fairness for all parties involved in the market.

Theta (THETA) popularity stems from its ability to benefit consumers with higher-quality streaming services and increasing content providers income, by reducing the cost of infrastructure development and boosting advertising and subscription revenues.

ZCash (ZEC) investors seeking for new opportunities

A team of experts from John Hopkins, MIT, and other prestigious academic and scientific organizations created ZCash (ZEC), one of the first cryptocurrencies with privacy. It's interesting to note that ZCash (ZEC) privacy coin was initially created using the Bitcoin software, with the privacy feature being the only addition. In addition to protecting the coin's privacy feature, the ZCash (ZEC) team concentrates on ensuring its fungibility by ensuring each coin retains its value concerning other currencies and is impervious to any manipulation. It is challenging to determine the ZCash (ZEC) coins' origins because they are cut off from the tale of their use to achieve this.

Despite competition from other privacy-focused coins like Monero, the ZCash (ZEC) project established itself in the cryptocurrency market after its launch. The market value of ZEC was $619 million as of October 2018, having reached an all-time high of USD 2.5 billion in January 2018. Similar to Bitcoin, the maximum supply of the coin is limited to 21 million units.

Degrain (DGRN) pre-sale goes live

Brand new venture Degrain (DGRN) is creating a cross-chain NFT marketplace that enables users to buy, sell, trade and fractionally invest across several networks. Investors can regulate cross-chain exchanges with Degrain (DGRN), which allows the trading of NFTs for various alternative digital currencies. Holders of Degrain (DGRN) are rewarded through an income-sharing mechanism according to the number of tokens they decide to stake.

Presale phase one launched on the 7th July where a massive 11 million tokens were sold in the first 60 seconds of launch. The token which has a dynamic pricing structure and subsequently increases in price with more tokens that are sold is trading at the starting price still of $0.01.





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