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Cuteness in the Cryptosphere: An Eccentric Driver of Token’s Growth

Wed, 06/29/2022 - 12:27
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Here’s how cryptocurrency tokens leverage ‘cuteness’ for their valuation
Cuteness in the Cryptosphere: An Eccentric Driver of Token’s Growth
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There have been many studies over time regarding the impact of ‘cuteness’. What defines cuteness, and why we feel the way we do towards it, is a fascinating topic, and something interesting to dissect when paired with the trend of ‘cute’ tokens that have managed to gain traction in the crypto industry.

Why do we love cute things? And how have tokens like Big Eyes (BIG) been able to utilise it to their advantage?

What Does Cuteness Do To Us?

In a study conducted by Nittono et al., they found that when subjects were exposed to cute images, particularly those of wide-eyed baby animals, their behaviour appeared altered. Those exposed to these images were far more gentle and careful with the tasks presented to them and also appeared happier than other test subjects, showing that cute imagery can affect individuals in many ways.


The fact that exposure to cute imagery can induce feelings of protectiveness and sensitivity in individuals means that, when routinely exposed to cute imagery, a bond is likely to form. It explains how cute cartoon animals, for example, are some of the most profitable on the market.

Just look at the two most profitable media franchises: Hello Kitty, and Pokemon - both franchises where cute animals take centre stage.

The financial opportunities afforded by cuteness are not something that can be overlooked, and as such, have been employed by many cryptocurrencies.

While some tokens focused more on utilities like Ethereum (ETH) take on an appearance that is clean and simple with little character as they do not need the appeals of cuteness to thrive, others focused on forming a tight community can gain success through the cuteness of its mascot.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) and the Need to Nurture

As the earlier study concluded, cute imagery can influence viewers to be more protective and sensitive in their behaviour and emotions. This is because cuteness, which can often be conflated with youth and helplessness, invokes a need to protect. There is a desire to see the thing which is cute grow and succeed, as a parent may with their child.

This is why cute crypto tokens are so good at forming a dedicated following.

Look no further than Shiba Inu (SHIB) for an example of this. A token based on the infinitely cute Shiba Inu dog and popular meme token Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) uses an exceedingly cute token design to draw in both those interested in memes and cute tokens.


The cuteness of the design, alongside the online meme history it draws from, has allowed Shiba Inu (SHIB) to shoot to the top of the crypto charts, nurtured by a community with goals to see it succeed. It is proof of the power of cuteness, and that even when a token has little in terms of utility, it can thrive through a communal desire to protect cuteness.

Big Eyes (BIG) and the Importance of Character in Cuteness

While Shiba Inu (SHIB) has done a phenomenal job in crafting a coin utilising cuteness to its full advantage, what the token lacks is personality. Who is the Shiba Inu (SHIB) dog? What are his goals and aspirations?

While cuteness sells, the personalities behind this cuteness sell even better. Characters with personalities allow fans to create deeper bonds and connections to these cute characters, furthering their need to see the project development through a nurturing community. 

This is something that Big Eyes (BIG) understands fully, and intends to utilise to create a token that is set to blow up upon debut.

big eyes

Big Eyes (BIG) intends to use immersive media like comic books and big screen advertisements to tell a story with its titular mascot, Big Eyes. With this meme token, this character is the brand, with its cuteness and unique personality being what draws and holds in the user base.

The point of the token is not utility, but a community, and the communal experience forming around the character and stories of Big Eyes. What the Big Eyes (BIG) token does is simply give users a way into the space, which is set to grow and develop in ways that will immerse users. The token is not the focus. Big Eyes is.


Cuteness triggers a desire in the human brain to protect, to want to see something grow and succeed, and to admire something for what it is. It is something very commonly known, and something that many crypto tokens are capitalising on, allowing cute tokens to thrive and succeed thanks to their surrounding community.

These communities provide opportunities to build friendships around mutual interests, and for the tokens, means success is built to last into the future.

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