Cryptocurrency Regulation

Although cryptocurrencies are not owned or regulated by any government, state laws ban or limit their use in some countries. Keep tabs on the recent legal issues.

Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

Steven Seagal Charged with Illegally Promoting ICO by SEC: Details

Hollywood actor Steven Seagal settles with the SEC after illegally promoting an ICO
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

Ripple Faces Major Legal Defeat That Spells Trouble for XRP

The lawsuit that accuses Ripple of selling XRP as an unregistered security gets the go-ahead
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Crypto and Financial Crime to Be Fought by French-Austrian Tech Collaboration

NIGMA Conseil and state-backed Austrian Institute of Technology join forces to fight against crypto and financial crime
Alex DovbnyaAlex Dovbnya

Biggest Threat to Bitcoin (BTC) Revealed in New Poll

The Bitcoin (BTC) community is afraid of a China-style crackdown in the United States
Yuri MolchanYuri Molchan

Mike Novogratz: US Treasury Might Okay BTC Only If Harder Regulations Introduced

Last week, the US Treasury chief Steven Mnuchin promised that harder crypto regulations were coming. BTC bull Mike Novogratz shares his take on this