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Continuously Losing Money in the Crypto Market? A 20-year Bexplus Trader Share His Ways to Profit

Fri, 04/29/2022 - 10:02
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Here are some tips from Bexplus trader to help better understand the crypto market
Continuously Losing Money in the Crypto Market? A 20-year Bexplus Trader Share His Ways to Profit
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Recently, affected by international events, the "stock market crash" has been constantly staged on major stock platforms. There may also be a bubble behind the boom. The gloomy stock market has made a large number of investors fall into the arms of the safe-haven currency—Bitcoin. However, many traders jumped in excitedly and left with regret. Do you really understand the crypto market? Today, let's take a look at a Bexplus trader: George Ama (Crypto King), who has 20 years’ trading experience to share his ways to profit.

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  1. Fully Familiarize the Market And the Environment

We often tend to listen to the advice of experts, or enter the market when we have a half-understanding of the concept of various terms in the crypto market. Naturally the final result will not be satisfactory. In fact, no matter what industry you are in, when you decide to step into this field, you should systematically learn the basic knowledge in the field. In the crypto market, the same applies to this law. Besides, the cryptocurrency market is not separate from the general environment. Only a full understanding of the market and the changes in the internation can make you keenly aware of when to enter the market and when to close your position.

  1. Avoid Emotional Trading

Novices tend to invest positions that exceed their own limits in the hope of making excess profits, and when the market fluctuates, they are immediately out of the market. Emotional trading is very common, but if you ignore your own situation and become blind, you will eventually lose your money. 

  1. Set Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

In a volatile market, every profiteer wants to make as much profit as possible, while the loser will not submit to the losses, so they want to earn their profits back. For all traders, setting take-profit and stop-loss can maximize their profits. As long as there is still a position, it is always easy to open the next order.

  1. Choose a Trader that Matches Your Trading Strategy

Many people enter the market after learning the basic market terms, and they go long or short optionally. In the end, they don't get the results they want. Now, for this type of beginner, the copy trading offered by some cryptocurrency platform on the market, I think, will be a great help. Copy trading, as the name suggests, means following the orders of the veteran to trade. Bexplus is a professional cryptocurrency trading platform that provides high leverage and copy trading.

Its unique copy trading gives every investor who has just entered the market the opportunity to become a veteran. It allows you to copy investment orders from experienced people, as well as to customize the proportion of your order copy, set take profit and stop loss, or terminate the copied order at any time. For veterans, you can also get some benefits from your followers. 

  1. Give Yourself a Platform to Fully Simulate and Do Experiment

Bexplus has set up a demo account with 10 BTC to help investors better grasp the laws of market fluctuations, you can know the floating profit and loss in the account, set the investment ratio, familiar with leveraged trading, grasp the market laws as soon as possible, and explore your way to make money.

Know More about Bexplus

Bexplus, a reputable crypto futures trading platform accredited by U.S. FinCEN MSB (Money Services Business) , offers 100x leverage futures trading on a variety of trading pairs such as BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, XRP.  Meanwhile, It doesn’t need KYC  and is popular among 1 million people worldwide. It is also known for the following features.

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The 100x Leverage: Quickest Way to Maximize Your Profits

The 100x leverage offered by the Bexplus exchange allows you to open 100 positions with a margin of 1 and trade the market with 100 positions. In short, with 100x leverage provided by Bexplus, your profit can be 100 times more than the profit brought by the original investment. 

Assume we use 1 BTC to open a short contract when Bitcoin is trading at $42,000. One day later, the price of Bitcoin dropped to $38,000. The profit will be ($42,000 - $38,000) * 100 BTC / $38,000 *100% ≈ 10.5 BTC, making the ROI 1050%.

100% Deposit Bonus: Top Up 1 BTC=2 BTC on Your Account

In addition to 100x leverage, Bexplus’ s 100% deposit bonus campaign also helps low-stake investors earn high profits quickly. If you top up 1 BTC, there will be 2 BTC on your account and you can trade with the 2 BTC to make a bigger profit. Although the bonus can not be withdrawn, the profits earned with the bonus can be withdrawn. Up to 10 BTC bonuses can be obtained!

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BTC Wallet: Up to 21% Annualized Interest

If you're vacillating between going long or going short in a rapidly changing market, Bexplus also offers a safe way to earn money – a wallet that offers 21% annual interest. (Almost the highest interest rate in the industry). 

Mobile Support: Google Play and Apple Store

Logging into Bexplus on the phone is also an easy task, it is available for both Android and IOS devices. For now, just search for Bexplus on Google or the App store, then you can use Bexplus and make instant transactions on your phone.

No matter if you are a novice or veteran, Bexplus is very friendly to both , and you are sure to enjoy investing in cryptocurrencies at Bexplus. Click here to register and get your 100% bonus!

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