China to Block Another 124 Offshore Exchanges

  • Darryn Pollock
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    As part of their ongoing crackdown, China will be banning 124 websites operated by offshore cryptocurrency exchanges

China to Block Another 124 Offshore Exchanges
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China is upping its pressure on access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as it plans to block a further 124 offshore exchanges in its ‘Great Firewall.’ The country has been at the forefront of banning Bitcoin and this latest move is seen as the final step.

This move is part of an intensifying effort to try and stamp out all cryptocurrency use in China as the authorities continue to monitor and shut down domestic websites related to cryptocurrency trades and ICOs, and ban payment services from accepting cryptocurrencies.

However, China continues to expand and grow its interest in Blockchain as both the government and the Central Bank talk up its potential but removed from the notion of decentralized and established cryptocurrencies.

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