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Chainlink Node to Advance On-Chain NFT Valuation, Here's How

Thu, 10/14/2021 - 14:47
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Vladislav Sopov
MetaGameHub NFT-centric DAO rolls out its own Chainlink node to improve pricing mechanisms
Chainlink Node to Advance On-Chain NFT Valuation, Here's How
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MetaGameHub is a decentralized application aggregator focused on the DeFi, GameFi and non-fungible tokens segments. Now, its economic design is optimized by Chainlink (LINK) node integration.

Chainlink node now integrated by MetaGameHub

According to the official announcement shared by MetaGameHub team on its social media channels, a Chainlink (LINK) node has been integrated into its NFT pricing module.

Thus, a Chainlink (LINK) node will be utilized in the pricing mechanisms of various products hosted by MetaGameHub. Sandbox Land will be the first GameFi protocol to have its NFTs priced in a novel manner.

Also, all new residents of MetaGameHub, regardless of the type of the protocol (DeFi, NFT marketplaces, DEXes, lending/borrowing ecosystems and so on), will be able to utilize the dedicated Chainlink node.

Nicolas Weber, founder of MetaGameHub, stresses that by integrating its own Chainlink (LINK) node, his project does its part to help the NFT segment mature:

The MetaGameHub Chainlink node serves as the ideal framework to support our NFT price oracles, which will provide dApps and developers with more precise data for pricing NFTs on-chain. We're excited to help the NFT space mature by bringing sophisticated pricing data on-chain through Chainlink, opening up new opportunities for DeFi to build new applications specifically around NFTs.

All-in-one ecosystem for NFTs and DeFis

Decentralized oracles network Chainlink was chosen by MetaGameHub for its data integrity, "blockchain agnosticism," wide adoption and provable security.

MetaGameHub (also MGH DAO) is a decentralized autonomous organization that fosters integral products at the intersection of DeFi, digital collectibles, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge digital practices.

Cardano Partners with Chainlink to Integrate Oracles for Advanced Smart Contracts

As covered by U.Today previously, Chainlink (LINK) will advance the data structures of Cardano's DeFi ecosystem. Real-world pricing data will be broadcast to a wide range of Cardano-based dApps.

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