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Bitsgap Offers Crypto Trading Bots With Advanced Features: Review

Wed, 26/04/2023 - 13:15
Bitsgap Offers Crypto Trading Bots With Advanced Features: Review
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Bitsgap, a cutting-edge platform for trading bots, invites all crypto owners to try a disruptive automated trading experience. Its instruments are suitable for both newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency traders.

Bitsgap changes the game for trading bots, here's how: Highlights

Launched in 2017, Bitsgap is among the most popular and technically capable trading bots platform in the Web3 segment. 


Image by Bitsgap

It adheres to an all-in-one approach to automated trading and prioritizes clear UX/UI and data security.

  • Bitsgap is a crypto trading bot platform; it allows cryptocurrency traders to automate their strategies;
  • With Bitsgap, traders can choose and set up GRID trading bots and DCA bots for spot trading platforms, while cryptocurrency futures bots are available for derivatives contracts;
  • Advanced traders can experiment with Smart Orders and advanced trading terminal;
  • Bitsgap supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT), and all major altcoins and can be integrated with 15+ mainstream centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, and so on;
  • Bitsgap has a fully operational demo trading module and a generous multi-level affiliate program;
  • Bitsgap is registered and headquartered in the EU; it leverages high-end security practices to protect the integrity and safety of its users' data.

As such, Bitsgap offers an unmatched stack of opportunities for various categories of traders interested in removing the "human factor" from their trading and investing strategies.

What are trading bots?

Trading bots are AI-powered software programs designed to automate the process of trading. Trading bots can optimize trading on foreign exchanges (Forex, FX), commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrency platforms. Simply put, these mechanisms are able to publish and cancel trading orders on behalf of users.

Trading bots are becoming increasingly popular since they allow them to generate income without spending time and effort on analysis, tracking orders, etc. To activate a crypto trading bot, a trader needs to manually set up the details of its strategy and its "style" (aggressive, conservative) and integrate it with an account on this or that trading service.

Are trading bots legit?

In general, crypto trading bots are legit instruments. It is a subclass of trading software that can only remove the need for traders to manually control the entire process of interaction with orders. Trading bots can generate income alone; they also cannot be treated as a 100% safe haven amid a painful bearish recession.

However, there are numerous services that introduce themselves as trading bots but are nothing but Ponzi schemes. As such, potential users should be very careful about the services that guarantee profits, offer obscure fee schemes ("100% free for all users"), or advertise breathtaking ROI for beginners.

How to choose the best trading bot

While choosing a crypto trading bot, traders should consider various aspects to find the one that best meets their requirements.

  1. Toolkit. The perfect crypto trading bot should offer various solutions within one interface: it should be able to work with different cryptocurrencies, different centralized exchanges (spot and futures), and so on.
  2. Pricing. A crypto trading bot should have an understandable pricing scheme: users should know the exact pricing of this or that service without hidden fees.
  3. Reputation. Before choosing a trading bot to start automated trading, it is better to check the history of the product and the portfolio of its team. Users should know whether the service they are considering using was involved in hacks, data leaks, etc. Also, for security reasons, it is better to avoid storing large sums of assets on the accounts you connect to trading bots via API.
  4. Interface. Last but not least, a perfect trading bot should have an intuitive interface that is easy to understand, even for crypto newbies, to avoid errors and looosing money.

As such, traders should perform due diligence before choosing crypto trading bots for AI-powered deals.

Bitsgap, a multi-product trading bot platform for crypto

Popular trading bot platform Bitsgap offers a feature-rich toolkit for AI-powered trading. It allows cryptocurrency users with various levels of expertise in crypto to try automated trading with minimal risk and effort.

Bitsgap grid bots: Intuitive way to get started with trading bots

Grid bot is the most newbie-friendly way to start your automated high-frequency trading journey. With grid bots, traders set up a "grid" by adding intervals to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Once the price of this or that crypto reaches the preset level, the bot either buys or sells the deposit (or its part) automatically.


Image by Bitsgap

With Bitsgap, users can choose between two beginner-level GRID bots ("Flat" and "Buy the Dip") and one advanced-level bot, "Custom Grid." "Flat" bot is the classic version of GRID bots:  it places a fixed order grid and gets rewards when the price fluctuates in a preset range.

"Buy the Dip" is also a very easy-to-understand bot: it just purchases the currency every time it becomes cheaper. This suits long-term holders interested in increasing their Bitcoin (BTC) riches.

"Custom grid" bot has a number of instruments to adjust its toolkit: traders can experiment with trailing modes, "stop-loss"/"take-profit" tooling, and so on.

Bitsgap DCA bots: Old but still gold

"Dollar-сost Averaging," or DCA, is among the oldest regular investment strategies. Working with DCA, investors spend equal sums of basic currency to buy certain assets periodically. For instance, you can buy Bitcoin (BTC) for $1,000 monthly, regardless of its actual price. This strategy protects investors from price fluctuations and removes the necessity to guess about the precise "top" and "bottom" of the moment.


Image by Bitsgap

Bitsgap advances this battle-tested strategy: its users can leverage the most popular technical analysis indicator pairs (MACD+RSI and Stochastic+Channel) to upgrade DCA tactics and make it more profitable than ever before.

Also, with Bitsgap, users can work with the familiar "Pure DCA" bot to just make this strategy automated. Experienced traders can also set up "Custom DCA" with enhanced risk management tools and extra indicators.

Bitsgap COMBO futures trading bots: AI-fueled tools for perpetual contracts

Besides a wide range of bots for spot accounts, Bitsgap also has COMBO futures trading bots that work with up to 10x leverage. Technically, Bitsgap’s COMBO futures trading bot is a combination of the grid and DCA trading techniques customized for crypto futures.


Image by Bitsgap

With Bitsgap, both long and short futures trading bots are available. In "Long" mode, the bot makes a profit when the price goes upward or sideways. The bot opens a "Buy" position for half of the invested funds and places DCA orders for the remainder. Then, the position is closed incrementally via a series of grid orders. Once the position is fully closed, the instrument repeats the cycle.

The "Short" mode of the futures trading bot by Bitsgap works oppositely: it starts with the opening "Sell" position. Both modes are available for beginner users, as mentioned by Bitsgap's website.

Smart orders and trading terminal: AI-powered automated trading for pros

Alongside standard and advanced trading bot toolkits, Bitsgap offers its users the opportunity to place an enhanced range of orders in an automated manner. Bitsgap released "Trading Terminal," a cloud-hosted platform for order placement and execution.

This module unlocks impressive opportunities for Bitsgap users: they can automate the placement of advanced orders (Limit, TWAP, Scaled, Market, Stop, and Stop-Limits) on all mainstream centralized crypto exchanges.

The terminal also offers Trailing Orders and One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO) orders to support complex trading strategies. Bitsgap terminal is integrated with TradingView, the largest website for traders globally. It allows the usage of dozens of indicators and gets credible cryptocurrency content from the curated news feed. Just like other products of the Bitsgap ecosystem, its trading terminal is connected to exchanges via APIs.

Demo trading and affiliate program

To ensure an unmatched trading experience for new users, Bitsgap introduced a seven-day free trial period on all of its services. Within the demo period, every new user can enjoy the functions available for paid tariffs, charged with zero fees. Nothing but an email address is required to verify one's account on Bitsgap, while registration via Google, Facebook, and Apple log-in tools are also available.

Then, to spread the word about Bitsgap endeavors and introduce the exchange to a new generation of traders, the platform started a generous affiliate program. Every user of Bitsgap can get their affiliate link, share it in social media accounts and start earning a share of the referral revenue.

For advanced affiliates, the Bitsgap affiliate program is an incredibly powerful tool that can significantly increase revenue from their current referral base. As an affiliate of top exchanges like ByBit, Binance, or Gemini, earnings are typically based on the number of trades, and trading volume made by referred clients. By using bots, referrals can make significantly more trades and trading volume while earning profits regardless of market conditions. This helps to retain clients on the exchange and multiplies the current referral income for the affiliate. It also means that the affiliate will be getting commissions from both sides: from Bitsgap, and the crypto exchange like ByBit, for instance.

Wrapping up

Bitsgap is a multi-product ecosystem of cryptocurrency trading bots. It offers GRID trading bots, DCA bots, and COMBO futures bots that can be integrated via APIs with mainstream centralized exchanges (CEXes).

Bitsgap supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT) and all major altcoins. Users can automate their strategies and benefit from affiliate programs.


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