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Bitmedia Network Introduces Novel Way to Advertise on Crypto Scene

Mon, 07/19/2021 - 14:00
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Vladislav Sopov
Bitmedia entirely re-shapes the segment of crypto advertising
Bitmedia Network Introduces Novel Way to Advertise on Crypto Scene
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Here’s how Bitmedia changes the game in crypto advertising with its unique ad techniques, algorithms and practices. What separates Bitmedia from competitors?

What is Bitmedia and why is it special?

Since the early days of crypto, advertising blockchain businesses has been difficult. Draconic censorship from Google Ads, Facebook and other top-tier advertising platforms, irrelevant traffic and ‘click fraud’ made it incredibly complicated for blockchain projects to reach the right audience.

Bitmedia advertises crypto projects in a novel way
Image by Bitmedia

Now, it is the dedicated crypto ad networks that deliver these imperative services. One of them, the UK-based Bitmedia, integrated next-generation tools to ensure maximum visibility of their client’s ads across an extensive range of publisher websites. In fact, there is so much more that this crypto ad network delivers, that it is best to dive in deeper, as the right marketing is considered to be a deal-breaker in blockchain.  

Crypto display ads science

Bitmedia puts significant attention into the details and ad placement, meaning that ads are served to only the most relevant crypto traffic out there. Publishers are hand vetted, meaning that the bitcoin display ads will only be shown on top quality sites. 

By using advanced algorithms, Bitmedia quickly reads information about the website visitors, serving the most relevant ads to the most relevant audience. Information such as device, browser, OS, location, cookies and interests are checked by the algorithm. Advertisers can then fine tune the ad target groups from the Bitmedia platform, taking their CPM and CPC ad campaigns to the next level with hyper-targeted ad delivery.

Targeting Bitmedia
Image by Bitmedia
Targeting options Bitmedia
Image by Bitmedia

With Bitmedia, crypto projects can display ads to the users of specific devices, to the visitors active at a particular time, to the viewers of websites with predetermined languages etc. Also, the operating system of the viewer can be chosen as a campaign customization option.

Pioneering ground-breaking ad techniques

Bitmedia pioneered two unique tools for crypto display advertising that are unavailable with their competitors: frequency capping and ad rerun. The frequency capping feature allows Bitmedia clients to set the number of times a crypto ad is shown to a particular viewer, thereby eliminating ad fatigue and making the marketing budget more effective.

With frequency capping, it is much easier to find the equilibrium between showing advert materials too frequently and too rarely. As a result, the viewer will leave the partner’s website with a strong impression about the project but without finding the ad irritating.

The clients of Bitmedia can adjust frequency capping rates during the lifespan of their campaigns. 

The second tool is known as ad re-run. The ad re-run feature targets the users who have already visited the website of the advertiser. It aims to remind the viewers about their previous experience and to bring them back to interacting with a product or service. Advertisers can customize the period of ad re-run, i.e. the number of days before an ad is displayed the next time after the first ad click.

This period is customizable between 1 day and 1 month. Both ad frequency capping and ad re-run functions give advertisers the upper hand in turning web traffic into leads.

From impressions to conversions

For every campaign, Bitmedia performs the sophisticated ‘impressions verification’ procedure that protects advertisers from any sort of manipulation, such as malicious ‘clicking’, botnet attacks designed to erase ad budget, hidden ad redirection, paid traffic from the publishers’ websites and more.

As a result, advertisers do not pay for bad quality traffic and can get a refund if inappropriate impressions are detected. Advertisers can also manually check the list of websites their ads are displayed on, blacklisting undesired platforms. 

To ensure that advertisers get the best bang for their buck, Bitmedia settled a long-term partnership with two industry-grade traffic trackers, Binom and Keitaro. Their systems facilitate traffic reporting and improve management of the high-quality leads inflow.

Multiple types of ad creatives can be included into ad campaigns with Bitmedia
Image by Bitmedia

Last but not least, working with Bitmedia is simple, easy and stress free, no matter how much or how little experience an advertiser has. Advertisers will be welcomed by a user-friendly dashboard that details all of the important information at a glance. Clients can also take advantage of a variety of top payment methods when it comes to billing.

Advertisers can currently fund their campaigns at Bitmedia with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR). You are just one click away from the global traffic your crypto project truly deserves!

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