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Bitcoin Reformation Author Tuur Demeester: Ethereum (ETH) Founders Lied About Scaling

Thu, 8/06/2023 - 14:58
Bitcoin Reformation Author Tuur Demeester: Ethereum (ETH) Founders Lied About Scaling
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Legendary Bitcoiner Tuur Demeester of Adamant Research, an advisor to the largest Bitcoin-centric development studio Blockstream, accuses Ethereum (ETH) developers of lying about the scaling prospects of Ethereum's L1. Here's why some other cryptocurrency experts are not excited about the concept of proto-danksharding.

Stealthy pivot instead of scaling L1: Tuur Demeester slams Ethereum (ETH) devs

Core developers of Ethereum (ETH), the second largest blockchain, lied about its scaling opportunities from the very beginning. All initiatives in this field were actually an "on-chain scaling narrative," Mr. Demeester stated in a recent tweet.

As such, all announcements about Etheruem (ETH) scaling concepts outside L2 solutions were just made to "pump-and-dump" the price of Ether, an asset of Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

With this post, Tuur Demeester agreed with the skepticism of James Prestwitch, a founder of Storj (STORJ) protocol. Mr. Prestwitch recalled that the approach to on-chain scaling evolved from "original" sharding into a "block-as-a-shard" solution designed to make rollups by third-party devs do all the legwork.

Meanwhile, Demeester stressed that Bitcoiners (BTC) spend "years" building real second-layer solutions.

As covered by U.Today previously, recently, Ethereum (ETH) core developers approved the activation of the Cancun-Deneb upgrade in Q4, 2023.


The upgrade is designed to supercharge Ethereum (ETH) by proto-danksharding, a resource-efficient method of data logistics optimization.

What about Bitcoin's (BTC) L2s?

Cancun-Deneb (or Cancun) is designed to make the computational costs for all Ethereum (ETH) L2s lower and, therefore, make the blockchain more rollup-friendly.

While Bitcoiners (BTC) in general supported Demeester's position, some of his followers decided to strike back. They immediately started asking him about the traction of Lightning Network, the most popular Bitcoin (BTC) L2 scaling solution on payment channels.

Ethan Kravitz of AGE Crypto Asset Investment Funds stressed that LN failed to achieve massive adoption so far:

Bitcoiners have been pumping Lightning since 2017 at least. It’s still unusable though looks like Lightspark is hopefully fixing that.

Some of Demeester's opponents also called LN a "coming-soon" protocol with 100 users maximum.


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