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BitBase's New Partnership with Bittrex Will Elevate the Crypto Market

Fri, 11/12/2021 - 09:20
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Heewon Jang
BitBase announces a promising partnership with Bittrex
BitBase's New Partnership with Bittrex Will Elevate the Crypto Market
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Have you heard the news? BitBase has announced a new collaboration that will take place on November 17th, 2021, representing a significant step forward in the cryptocurrency industry. The partnership will be with Bittrex, and it will offer innovation and significance to the market.   

On the BitBase platform, you may quickly and safely purchase and sell any cryptocurrency on the market using cash, bank transfer, or credit card. The transfer can be completed at any time and from any location on their platform via their internet computer, or if you have the time, you can visit them at one of their stores or ATMs.   

Furthermore, the BitBase token can be purchased on their website before its launch on Bittrex, as well as on PancakeSwap or UniSwap.  


To make any decision and become a member of the BitBase ecosystem, you must first purchase the BTBS Token, which serves as the hub for all BitBase financial activities and the foundation for BitBase's economy.   

Blockchain technology's underlying idea is to enable the creation of digital tokens that represent a tangible or intangible object. BitBase aims to change this by tokenizing its service. The new tokenization method allows the issuer to open innovative approaches and promote widespread adoption of industrial investment.   

The BitBase currency BTBS will coexist natively on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains, which support standard ERC20 and BEP20 protocols — keeping the entire issue supply at 100 million, with no plans to expand it in the future. Its token's duty is to govern and to be used for utilities. The first token value was $0.36, with a market capitalization of $36 million.  


BTBS contain numerous features that contribute to the operation of the entire ecosystem:   

  • Managing system fees: The token canalizes fees incurred when using the services. Payments for BitCard, BitCredit, BitPos, and withdrawal fees are made in BTBS, just like any other standard swap between two assets.   

  • Fee discounts: While you stake BTBS in BitBase, you will earn various discounts when paying system fees. The discount is calculated based on the number of BTBS staked.   

  • BTBS and liquidity: The liquidity mining method will compensate users for locking up their coins and providing liquidity. The liquidity pool will be utilized to offer liquidity on both the DEX and the CEX.  

  • BTBS as BitBase DEX gas fee: BTBS will be used to operate smart contracts on a decentralized exchange.   

  • BTBS used to pay listing fees: any project can request that their currency be listed in BitBase Stores, the BitBase App, or BitBase ATMs charged in BTBS.   

  • BTBS during token burns: a percentage of the token will be burned, causing deflation by reducing total supply.   

  • BTBS founding team allocation: BitBase founders and the remainder of the private sale investors with personal cash participated.   

  • BTBS in quadratic DAOs: BitBase listing voting, "Small Caps" fund voting, BitBase ATMs request, Franchise request, BitNews hot topics are implemented by this feature.  



BitBase is a cryptocurrency platform launched in 2017 to make the decentralized economy more accessible and beneficial to society by bringing its services directly to the street.   

BitBase also provides bank-level assistance through its personnel, who take newcomers and existing customers through the onboarding process and answer all their physical and online questions. Their ecosystem mixes fiat funds, cryptocurrencies, and centralized and decentralized financial services.  

Its objective is to make cryptocurrency entrance more accessible and faster and provide secure services to anyone interested in this field. BitBase integrates cryptocurrency into everyday transactions, regardless of the user's technical level or past knowledge of cryptocurrencies.   

They intend to transform the way consumers engage with their crypto funds by offering a bridge to crypto expertise, bringing them closer to the emerging financial paradigm.  


The platform links traditional finance and DeFi, bridging the current divide between the present and open finance economies. It improves accessibility in a few simple steps via the store or the BitBase App. It is a user-friendly cryptocurrency platform with an inclusive approach. The company is committed to creating a collaborative model in which holders have varying degrees of influence over the company's destiny.   

Aside from the services mentioned above, the organization also provides:  

  • Offline services;  

  • Current stores;  

  • In-store services;  

  • BitBase franchises;  

  • BitBase ATMs;  

  • Online services;  

  • BitCredit;  

  • BitCard;  

  • BitPos. 

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