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Big Eyes Coin Set to Redefine Meme Coins Segment

Thu, 09/01/2022 - 14:03
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Big Eyes Coin injects new life into meme coins sphere
Big Eyes Coin Set to Redefine Meme Coins Segment
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Big Eyes Coin is a recently launched community-driven Decentralize Finance (DeFi) platform that is powered by its goal to make users and clients a fortune. Big Eyes is revolutionizing the meme coin methods within the crypto space, already set apart by its irresistibly cute cat mascot that differs from the dog-based characters many other coins have embodied.

Big Eyes is not just cute and ambitious, but philanthropic as well, determined to heal the world by donating to charities that own or run ocean sanctuaries dedicated to protecting and caring for ocean and aquatic ecosystems. Big Eyes Coin aims to gain the trust and reliance of many users to boost the amount of aid they can grant to such sanctuaries and even encourage others to do the same – even if some of the fish might end up as the adorable mascot’s dinner.


Big Eyes seeks to transfer prosperity and wealth into the decentralized finance ecosystem and with 5% of its tokens kept aside to fund its marketing strategies, the coin intends to grow internationally as a meme coin. Big Eyes plans to launch its cryptocurrency on Uniswap, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, further increasing the accessibility of users to the coins.

What Unique Traits make Big Eyes Coin Different from other Meme Coins?

If anyone notices Big Eyes’ adorable caricatured feline first, it's because the coin has craftily designed the character as a treat to the eyes and warmth to the heart, while it spurs curiosity in the mind. Big Eyes intends to grow its identity by using the powerful influencer economy, aware that this Big Eyes as a precious cat has more than enough potential to be embraced by celebrities and influencers around the globe. And to ensure that this plan is executed properly, Big Eyes has allocated 5% of its tokens to fund its marketing strategies. The platform wants to encourage people to take a chance on the regularly hyped blockchain ship, by providing access to more events and materials while wielding NFTs. The Big Eyes team also plans to hand in more contributions to the crypto space by developing a blockchain ecosystem that produces hypergrowth independently.

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Big Eyes has also set aside another 5% of its token’s earnings to be given to charities dedicated to the conservation of aquatic and oceanic ecosystems. Big Eyes has put these charity donations through intense consideration and has it involved through nearly every step of its journey of world domination. Within its cat command road map, stage one ‘crouch’ sees big eyes cryptocurrency being launched, along with its social media channels and accounts. In the second stage ‘leap’ big eyes make its first donation and sanctuaries begin to witness the benefits of the token within this period, Big Eye’s objective is to obtain 50,000 holders to raise the lucrative possibilities of the second donation. The fourth and last stage ‘catwalk’ will have Big Eyes focused on community events, which they will no doubt use to promote awareness of their charity missions and get more people interested, especially considering that their goal is to donate $1 million during that time.

Big Eyes hopes that by making frequent contributions to such sanctuaries, they will be better equipped to protect marine life from all sorts of activities such as fishing, oil drilling, and mining, providing the aquatic wildlife with relief to enable them to build up their strength once more and grow well.

Is Big Eyes a Secure Platform?

Big Eyes is still pretty young, as far as cryptocurrencies go, but it has implemented numerous plans to ensure that the platform holds no threats to potential users and clients. In the first stage of its roadmap, Big Eyes expressed that it would get its token audited, thrice, ensuring that it is thoroughly checked for potential shortcomings, security fragilities, and errors to find out ways to fix them and make improvements.

Big Eyes desires to treat users of its platform with as much care and concern as one would a little kitten, ensuring that all clients feel safe and at home within the platform, as their wealth increases exponentially. And although it is not uncommon to have doubts over the legitimacy of a token, Big Eyes is most likely not a rug pull.

What Sort of Plans do Big Eyes Coin have for the Future?

Big Eyes is quite a dreamer cat with so many goals it wishes to accomplish, both in the crypto world and outside it. Many of its objectives are carefully drawn out in its Cat Command Roadmap, in which it provides information on all the steps it intends to take for a while after, from its launch until it is time for some upgrades to be carried out. The Big Eyes roadmap is cleverly named in each stage and shows just how much they intend to revolutionize the world of meme coins, one paw print at a time.

Stage One: Crouch

  • Audit of token x3
  • Pre-sale website live
  • Media stunt live
  • Pre-sale live
  • PR machine live
  • Social channels live
  • 15,000 telegram members

Stage Two: Leap

  • Launch of Uniswap
  • Full website live
  • 25,000 Telegram members
  • 20,000 holders
  • First donation to charity
  • Verification of all socials
  • Influencer campaign
  • Media stunt
  • Meme machine at full tilt
  • Community given Big Eyes e-sticker
  • NFT snippets released
  • Big Eyes Swap live
  • Listed on new SWAPS
  • First bridge added
  • Merch shop live

Stage Three: Run

  • NFT release
  • First NFT exclusive IRL
  • Second donation to charity
  • 50,000 Telegram members
  • 50,000 holders
  • Massive influencer campaign
  • Bigger media stunt
  • Meme machine on overdrive
  • Community Big Eyes e-stickers refreshed

Stage Four: Catwalk

  • All about community events
  • $1 million to charity
  • Bridge more chains
  • Add more swaps
  • NFTs evolve

Big Eyes also has plans to create and release comic books featuring the loveable Blue Eyes mascot and this has the potential to grant the coin access to routes leading to TV shows at some point in the future, widening the range of its reach. Big Eyes' adorable cat mascot already has merch pending release to supply more funding for the project and its charity wallet.

Big Eyes Coin Tokenomics

Big Eyes’ official native token is $BIG and there is a supply of 200,000,000,000. 90% of the Big Eyes token will be available to users and potential buyers from the first day of its launch and users can trade or exchange these tokens with no tax fees charged to any of the transactions. From the remaining 10% of the tokens, half will be allocated to fulfill Big Eyes’ marketing strategies and plans, most of which will be executed through influencers and special promotional events and the other half will be assigned to a charity wallet, through which donations will be made to ocean sanctuaries to save the fish.

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