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Arbitrum Now Available on Coinbase, ARBI Airdrop Talk Heats Up

Fri, 02/17/2023 - 15:35
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Gamza Khanzadaev
ARBI airdrop maybe on way as Arbitrum is now supported network on Coinbase
Arbitrum Now Available on Coinbase, ARBI Airdrop Talk Heats Up
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Ethereum Layer-2 scalability solution Arbitrum One has announced that its network is now integrated with Coinbase (COIN), the leading U.S. crypto exchange. As a result, assets such as ETH, DAI and WBTC are now available for deposits or withdrawals from Coinbase via Arbitrum's network.

The news of the integration of the most hyped network right now and one of the biggest crypto exchanges has once again fueled talk of ARBI's long-awaited airdrop.

Arbitrum's Triumph Over Optimism: Here's Story Behind It

Arguably the main sensation of recent months in the Ethereum ecosystem, Arbitrum already has a solid slice of the Layer-2 pie and ranks at the top of key blockchain metrics. By comparison, in the last 24 hours, Arbitrum has become the second-largest network in terms of volume on decentralized exchanges, behind only Ethereum.

However, the airdrop of native tokens of the increasingly popular network, ARBI, expected as early as last year, is yet to happen. Crypto enthusiasts still have fresh memories in their minds of quite a generous airdrop of tokens from a rival network, Optimism (OP), which took place in the spring of 2022. Hoping that the forthcoming event will be just as big, they greet each major Arbitrum success with more and more anticipation.

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Arbitrum (ARBI) tokenomics

At the same time, the more talk about ARBI, the less concrete information about the token itself and the tokenomics around it. Nevertheless, taking Optimism's OP as an example again, we can assume that ARBI, in addition to being a reward for Arbitrum's contributions, will have a governance function and possibly someday become a means of paying for gas on its network.

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