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Another Fake Satoshi Gets Exposed by Crypto Twitter: Details

Mon, 11/04/2019 - 05:58
Alex Dovbnya
Jörg Molt, who claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, didn't even own a computer when the white paper was released back in 2008
Cover image via 123rf.com

It's been 11 years since anonymous visionary Satoshi Nakamoto published Bitcoin whitepaper, but there is still no shortage of the so-called 'faketoshies' who are willing to steal all the credit.

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This time around, German DJ Jörg Molt got his 15 minutes of fame by claiming that he created Bitcoin during World Crypto Con, a major crypto event that took place in Las Vegas last week, after he was confronted by crypto commentator Kenneth Bosak.        

Apart from his distinctive hairstyle, Molt also has a flair for exaggerated claims and "Satoshi School," which is described as the only school where you will only be taught about Bitcoin and Blockchain, the technology that underpins it.  

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Since Bosak's video went viral, crypto Twitter kept exposing the German "faketoshi." Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos took to Twitter to inform his followers that he's not related to Molt while accusing him of lying about being a Bitcoin creator.

BTSE's Lina Seiche added more fuel to the fire by posting a video of Molt's ex-wife spoking out about all of his scammy projects while revealing that her husband didn't even own computer during the release of the Bitcoin white paper.       

That being said, Molt is a tad humbler compared to self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright who sues those who dare to call him a fraud. The German opportunist only claims that he co-founded Bitcoin (an important but rather meaningless difference). 

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