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Animoca Brands' TOWER Integrates With Transak for Fiat Payments

Thu, 11/07/2024 - 16:48
Animoca Brands' TOWER Integrates With Transak for Fiat Payments
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Mainstream crypto-to-fiat operations provider Transak scored a strategic collaboration with TOWER, a GameFi ecosystem under Animoca Brands' umbrella. With the Transak gateway available, Play-to-Earn enthusiasts will be able to purchase TOWER tokens and join various virtual activities.

Transak debuts on TOWER as its first fiat on-ramp

According to a joint official statement by the two teams, Transak, a crypto-to-fiat payments processor, is now integrated with The TOWER Ecosystem by Animoca Brands. Transak instruments are set to allow every GameFi enthusiast to use fiat payment methods for TOWER token purchasing.

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The philosophy behind the TOWER token is to merge the traditional free-to-play gaming model with Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics. TOWER addresses this challenge by integrating blockchain technology into traditional mobile games, creating a hybrid system that offers the benefits of both models.

This integration aims to create a balanced and equitable gaming ecosystem where players can enjoy the usual benefits of F2P games while also earning tangible rewards through blockchain features.

Paddy Markham, Director of Gaming at Animoca Brands, is excited by the upgrade of the ecosystem's UX/UI that arrives with Transak integrated:

At Anomica Brands, we innately believe in the future of incentivized peer-to-peer gaming and blockchain is the secret sauce of that perfect recipe. This vision can only come to fruition through immaculate UX. That’s why we are extremely thrilled to see what the future holds in the TOWER-Transak partnership, where one has achieved the wondrous feat of blending F2P with P2E and the other has perfected Web2-to-Web3 onboarding.

From the very first releases of the integration, TOWER users will be able to purchase the tokens via Polygon (MATIC), Base (BASE) and Ethereum (ETH).

Seamless crypto-to-fiat paygate for streamlined NFT and GameFi experience

Sami Start, CEO and cofounder of Transak, welcomes a new partnership and sees it as an interesting use case for the stack of services his company offers:

We are thrilled to partner with the Animoca Brand’s TOWER Ecosystem to bring our Web3 onboarding infrastructure to their dynamic gaming community. By simplifying the process of acquiring TOWER tokens, we aim to empower a wider audience to explore the exciting possibilities of play-to-earn gaming and contribute to the growth of the TOWER Ecosystem.

As a result, players can by TOWER using their preferred payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers and over 20 other localized solutions like PIX and UPI.

This eliminates the complexities often associated with acquiring cryptocurrencies, making it easier for both crypto-native and non-crypto-users to engage with the TOWER ecosystem's games and NFTs.


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