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XRP Ledger Pathfinding Demo Is Finally Revealed

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 15:25
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Gamza Khanzadaev
XRP Ledger developer presents live pathfinding tool demo
XRP Ledger Pathfinding Demo Is Finally Revealed
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Last night, prominent XRPL Labs developer Wietse Wind shared a demo of a live pathfinding tool that he coded via VueJS. The tool is designed to easily and quickly find a payment path between two XRPL accounts. Pathfinding, in this case, is based on the priority of the best price.

To use live pathfinding, the user just needs to select the destination account, asset and amount, then choose the source account, and the tool will show him the best payment options to deliver a certain amount. Furthermore, because fresh innovation is provided on websocket, it will also auto update the path options.

In the XRP Ledger system, the methods of how tokens pass through all stages within a payment are determined precisely through the use of paths. Their implementation simplifies cross-currency payments by linking the sender and the recipient through orders placed directly on the XRP Ledger DEX. In addition, the use of this method facilitates complex debt settlements.

The new development, although still in demo mode, not only makes transactions easier for users of the XRP Ledger project that is gaining popularity, but it also generally has a favorable effect on the entire network, increasing its transparency and trustworthiness.

Through thorns to the stars

Despite years of litigation between XRP/XRPL and the U.S. SEC, the project team and loyal developers has not stopped and are actively working on more and more new features, and the system itself is being integrated by more companies from around the world.

Of course, nobody knows how this trial will end and whether XRP will ever see new heights, but the active development of products shows that the project team wants to finally reach for the stars after all.

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