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XRP Holder Number Reaches Major Milestone of 4.5 Million

Fri, 12/23/2022 - 09:11
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Gamza Khanzadaev
XRP breaks all-time high in number of holders after it passes major milestone
XRP Holder Number Reaches Major Milestone of 4.5 Million
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According to XRPL Services data, the number of XRP account holders has surpassed the milestone of 4.5 million, reaching a record high of 4,506,842 at the time of writing. In the two incomplete months since the end of October, the number of XRP holders has thus grown by 160,000 accounts.

When U.Today reported vertical growth in the number of XRP accounts earlier this month, the number was almost 50,000 below the record mark. Now that gap has closed.

Large XRP Holders Accumulate So Much XRP That They Set Records

The growth in the number of XRP accounts, in addition to bringing new blood into the ecosystem and increasing its activity, is also leading to a small increase in the number of XRPs held in these accounts and reducing their blocked number in Ripple escrow accounts.

So far, there are 56.283 million tokens in XRP accounts. A total of 43.7 million tokens remain blocked in escrow accounts. There has been a small but growing number of empty accounts, of which there are currently 1,005.

Millions of XRP Moved to Bitstamp as XRP Becomes Most Popular Smart Contract

Increase in XRPL NFT market

The NFT market on XRP Ledger, which has evolved as a result of the recent implementation of the new standard, XLS-20, is also growing steadily. Since the beginning of December, the number of XRPL NFT offers has increased by 8.24% to 85,876, of which 71,917 are sell offers and 13,959 are buy offers.

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