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StockBattle Helps Beginner Traders Enter The World Of Finances

Thu, 04/14/2022 - 16:44
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Fantasy finance platform StockBattle gives new users bonuses to let them hit the ground running
StockBattle Helps Beginner Traders Enter The World Of Finances
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StockBattle, a new fantasy trading platform, is doubling all new deposits up to $50 in bonuses when users create a new account. StockBattle lets users familiarize themselves with all the ins and outs of trading without any of the actual risks. StockBattle lets users pick up to five stocks or cryptocurrencies to create a virtual portfolio and compete against other users in real-time using actual NASDAQ data to evaluate their performance. 

Fantasy trading might be a new pastime, but the concept is anything but. Anyone who’s familiar with fantasy sports will feel right at home on StockBattle. Just head over to the StockBattle website to create your free account and start trading instantly. Upon logging in, users are presented with a list of open contests. A user can select the one that appeals to them based on price, market, or several other criteria. Picking a virtual portfolio can be done with just a few taps and the contest is ready to begin.

Users compete directly in head-to-head matches against other users to determine the winner. There’s no “house” with an edge working against you in the shadows. If someone outperforms their opponent, they win. There’s no convoluted matrix or point structure. Winners win and that’s it.

New users can start off with Freerolls—contests that cost nothing to enter but still have the chance to pay out on a win. Freerolls let new users get the hang of all of the app’s features before committing anything more than their time. A Freeroll is just like any other contest on the platform and provides all the same options and potential for payouts as a conventional match.

Competing for prizes isn’t all that StockBattle offers either. StockBattle’s main goal is to bring the world of trading to the masses. With the wealth of information available at users’ fingertips, there’s no reason for financial trading to be blocked off. On the app, users can track the history of any asset they’re interested in and see how it has moved over the last 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, and 1 week in both real dollars and as a percentage. Users can sort these by highest gains, lowest gains, and more.

StockBattle empowers their users to go out into the real world and start actual investments. They aim to give everyone the skills and knowledge needed to get started in the world of finance. The tactics and research that go into successful fantasy trading contests are the exact same ones that make money in the real world. StockBattle users need to be able to read and interpret financial graphs, understand the basics of long and short selling, know how to capitalize on market volatility and so much more. 

Fantasy finance lets users do this without the risks associated with real investments. You’ll never lose more than you’re willing to put in and the matches only last for 15 minutes, meaning that any painful lessons can be learned quickly and turned into practical experience.

This is the kind of invaluable data that any trader will need to have to make accurate predictions. StockBattle makes it easy to do the research that it takes to come out ahead. 

Users can choose from a variety of fantasy trading contests, based on either stocks or cryptocurrencies, and then choose from any of more than 23,500 unique contests every day. Thanks to the short 15-minute matches, there’s always something new to choose from. Since these contests are so short, users get instant feedback about their performance. No waiting for days/months/years to see if an investment pays off. 

With a set price for entry into a contest, users can never lose more than they’re willing to spend. This means that every contest is beneficial, either financially or through gained experience. StockBattle removes the waiting that can cause so many new investors to pull out of their investments before they pay off.

All contests on StockBattle are strictly head-to-head. This way, everyone only ever competes directly against a single opponent. No one ever competes against “The House” meaning that there’s always a winner in every contest.

Getting started on fantasy finance contests is easy and quick. Just head over to the StockBattle website to create a free account, play a few Freerolls, and get the hang of the app. StockBattle lets users deposit funds straight into their account wallet either through PayPal, bank transfer, or any major credit/debit card. All new users are entitled to a Double Deposit of up to 50 bonuses which they can use to pay for contests.

From there, just select whichever contest looks appealing, and with just a few taps, anyone can start their first fantasy trading contest.

The winner of any contest is the user whose fantasy portfolio performed the best (measured as percentage growth) over the 15-minute event. At the end of the match, the winner earns credit immediately that can be used to enter further contests or be withdrawn via PayPal.

There really has never been a better time to jump into the world of fantasy finance. If you’ve ever been curious about stock or crypto trading, check out StockBattle today and claim your Double Deposit Bonus. The lessons you learn could be just the key you need to unlock your financial future.

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