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Shibarium Goes Live for Public, SHIB Member Says, But Here Comes Her Warning

Thu, 09/07/2023 - 13:26
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Yuri Molchan
Top SHIB member reminds community that Shibarium is available to public already; however, there was warning she had to make to SHIB community
Shibarium Goes Live for Public, SHIB Member Says, But Here Comes Her Warning
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The official marketing expert of the Shiba Inu developer team known on the X app (formerly called Twitter) as @LucieSHIB has issued a post to remind the SHIB army that Shibarium is now live for the public.

Lucie's message to community on Shibarium

She invited all third-party developers and companies who have been waiting to start building on this Layer 2 blockchain to come and start creating. She wrote in her post that she is aware that 99% of the SHIB army know about the launch of Shibarium that took place recently; however, Lucie believes that "some look confused," adding that "everyone can now embark on their building journey here."

She welcomed all those who are planning to start building their dApps, smart contracts, metaverses, etc., on Shibarium, telling them that there is nothing holding them back now: "If you're itching to build, GO FOR IT!"

However, Lucie also issued a warning that the SHIB army should be careful of numerous scammers and always do their own research. "Let's create something incredible together!" she urged as she ended her message to the SHIB fam.

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Shibarium boasts passing new milestones

The newly built and launched blockchain Shibarium has managed to achieve significant results, smashing several impressive milestones within less than two weeks after it was relaunched following a failure due to an overwhelming amount of traffic.

According to Shibariumscan, the first achievement is the number of transactions on Shibarium, the total count of which has now reached 1,283,219. As new users continue to arrive on this Layer 2 solution and link their wallets, the amount of the former has reached 1,118,908 by now.

Finally, the number of blocks that has been mined on Shibarium has also seen massive growth within less than two weeks and now totals half a million blocks โ€” 506,606. The average time for mining every new block at the moment is five seconds.

"Time for everyone else to shine on Shibarium"

In another X post, @LucieSHIB admitted that the whole SHIB army is now experiencing financial losses as the price of SHIB price has been falling again. It had been rising since Monday by 4% but shed around 2% by now and is trading at $0.00000759 at the time of this writing.

Still, Lucie stated that the whole SHIB team is "putting in our best effort to add value to our ecosystem."

She said that now that Shibarium is live, everyone who wants to start building on it has a green light, while the SHIB team is busy creating Shiba Inu ecosystem dapps. "It is time for everyone else to shine on Shibarium now," she stated enthusiastically.

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