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Sei Network (SEI) Airdrop Becomes First to Require Face Verification: Details

Sat, 05/27/2023 - 14:44
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Vladislav Sopov
One of most anticipated airdrops of 2023 introduces brand-new Sybil attack protection tech
Sei Network (SEI) Airdrop Becomes First to Require Face Verification: Details
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While all major airdrops of 2022-2023 were targeted by "abusers" leveraging tricky cheating tactics to get maximum rewards, Sei Network (SEI) decided to protect itself from Sybil attackers with new-gen instruments. Will they be able to filter out all malefactors with BotBasher software?

Sei Network (SEI) raises bar for Sybil protection, asks airdrop hunters to prove they are humans

According to an official announcement shared by the team of Sei Network (SEI) today, May 27, 2023, all interested in receiving airdrop rewards are invited to obtain the "Verified Seilor" status. This can only be achieved after a verification procedure that involves "proof-of-personhood" checks.

Technically, "Verified Seilor" is an elite role on Sei Network's (SEI) upgraded Discord server. To get this badge, Discord users should pass identity checks on the BotBasher platform by Humanode:

What is the "Verified Seilor" role? It's your badge of authenticity, proving you're a real human in the sea of internet. It's harder than ever to know who is real online and at Sei, we value real people, not bots

BotBasher allows Discord users to link their personal credentials (including photos and videos for biometric verification) to this or that account.

As such, users should provide Sei Network's (SEI) partner with their video selfies in order to prove that they are not using bots to maximize their rewards.

Sei Network (SEI) tokens will be distributed between the participants of its incentivized testnet who completed specific stress-testing missions. A total of 1% of the net SEI supply will be allocated for the airdrop.

What is special about Sei Network (SEI)?

Sei Network's (SEI) airdrop is hotly anticipated by "rewards hunters" globally. As covered by U.Today previously, malefactors have already launched a fake SEI token to steal money from the Sei Network audience.

24 Scam Meme Tokens Created and Launched – Beware: Report

Sei Network (SEI) promotes itself as the first sector-specific Layer 1 blockchain. It attempts to achieve unbelievable 500 ms transaction finality and a 20,000 operations per second throughput.

In April 2023, the blockchain raised $30 million in two rounds. It pushed Sei Network's (SEI) valuation over $800 million. Jump Crypto, Distributed Global, Multicoin Capital backed the blockchain in its fundraising efforts.

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