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Ripple (XRP) Is Approaching the $0.27 Support Zone. How Low Might XRP Slump?

Mon, 07/15/2019 - 11:30
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Vera Yurina
Ripple’s XRP is on the way to the bottom: how low it can get? Read opinions about XRP price in Twitter
Ripple (XRP) Is Approaching the $0.27 Support Zone. How Low Might XRP Slump?
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The recent months have been nothing but disappointment for XRP traders, especially long-term hodlers. While Bitcoin and other altcoins have made a glorious path to new heights, XRP managed to crawl to $0.45 level and got back. Recently, it has even fell below $0.30 - a bad sign for traders. So, what to expect from XRP price next? Let’s check out Twitter users’ XRP price forecasts and their opinions. 

When innovations are hopeless

A lot of traders have been waiting for new technological advanced introduced by Ripple labs - it would make XRP price people thought. However, surprisingly, XRP did not grow - it went the opposite direction. This is what makes Twitter user say ‘RIP Ripple’.

Take a look at their predictions and moods:

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Dreamers stay dreamers

However, some users continue claiming that Ripple is able of reaching new heights. Here’s what some of them think:

A more possible scenario:

But what if Ripple is NOT supposed to be expensive? Take a look at this opinion:

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Indeed, XRP seems to stand aside from the scope of all other altcoins. It simply doesn’t follow the path of Bitcoin or any other digital currency. Market uptrend? Ripple hardly reacts. Technological advanced? XRP market does not depend on it either. Thus, making predictions often proves to be useless. 

Hold or buy more

Since no one knows for sure what will happen with Ripple (XRP) price, you can continue holding it and buy some XRP while the cost is tasty.

Moreover, XRP can dump a little bit more:

Thus, buying at $0.24 would be even a better idea. With the major downtrend on the crypto market, this might be possible.


Ripple’s XRP is too far from $0.50. Moreover, it might even drop below $0.30 again. That means you should either hold XRP for a few months (or years) more, or speculate on shorts – the second option is better for experienced traders.

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