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Re-State Foundation Launches First-Ever MetaUniversity

Wed, 03/30/2022 - 13:37
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Vladislav Sopov
Re-State Foundation, a Swiss-based nonprofit, is focused on changing the narrative in Web3 education and entertainment
Re-State Foundation Launches First-Ever MetaUniversity
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Re-State Foundation—a global NGO focused on bringing together leaders from private and public sectors, as well as on building and testing novel governance models—announces an eccentric immersive educational initiative on the Metametaverse platform.

MetaUniversity launches in Metametaverse, invites Web3 enthusiasts

According to the official announcement shared by Re-State Foundation, the world's first MetaUniversity goes live in the Metametaverse digital world.

Through an ecosystem of cutting-edge Web3 instruments, MetaUniversity is set to provide internet users with an endpoint to all essential past, present and future knowledge related to governance and collaboration.

Besides that, Metametaverse's MetaUniversity will act as a one-stop collaboration hub for other educational institutions that have launched in various metaverses so far.

Anastasia Kalinina, co-founder and CEO of Re-State Foundation, emphasizes that MetaUniversity is set to change the narrative in the way the world creates and perceives various governance designs:

The Metaverse represents a powerful testbed for new governance models that are more human-centered, inclusive, responsive, and pluralistic. Open knowledge and accessible education should be top priorities for the next generation of metaverses. It is imperative to make structures and incentives underlying our digital ecosystem evolve alongside its technological foundations.

Joel Dietz, founder and CEO of Metametaverse, is excited by the 100% decentralized and permissionless character of the new educational entity:

Facilitating learning and collaboration is one of the key reasons we built the Metametaverse. It provides a seamless way of connecting different metaverse spaces.

Blockchain becomes safe space for collaboration

The launch of Metauniversity is welcomed by crypto-friendly governmental bodies globally as it provides a universal framework for cross-border collaboration.

Omar Ghobash, assistant minister for cultural Affairs, ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation, states that Metauniversity's mission and vision are aligned with those of his country:

At the time of greatest need for coherence and cooperation at the global level, we welcome leadership in promoting the connectivity and interdependence between people, as well as collaborative governance innovations. The UAE shares the same vision and spirit, and we look forward to co-developing and testing new collaborative tools that can help us attain more agile and resilient societies.

In its activity, Re-State Foundation is focused on building and exploring new governance models for peaceful global co-existence in the Web3 era.

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