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Quik Marketplace Introduces “NFT Domain Names” Concept: Minting is now live!

Fri, 04/29/2022 - 14:56
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Vladislav Sopov
Quik, a flagship product in the NFT domain names industry, addresses some crucial bottlenecks of modern Internet
Quik Marketplace Introduces “NFT Domain Names” Concept: Minting is now live!
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Quik, a cutting-edge startup of the NFT segment, brings the Web3 ethos to the NFT domain name market. With unique tokenization instruments, every crypto entrepreneur and retail investor can purchase a catchy NFT domain name and own it as a digital collectible.

Quik launches minting crypto-themed domain names as NFTs

As per the official announcement of its team, Quik began minting the most popular blockchain domain names in crypto as NFTs. It allows every cryptocurrency owner to create .metaverse, .vr, .chain, .shib, .doge. NFT domain names with verified ownership.

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Once minted as NFTs, blockchain domain names shall be useful inside the Quik ecosystem in future when Quik launches its web extension and broswer. The uses will include replacing cryptocurrency wallet address as Quik partners with various crypto wallets in future and hosting decentralized websites using Quik browser and extensions. This design is far more democratic than the existing Web2-style system with DNS and ICANN-controlled addresses.

Quik’s ecosystem of nft domain names relies on a decentralized data structure instead of using centralized servers and cloud infrastructure. This makes the Quik product censorship-resistant and user-centric.

Despite the fact that tokenized domain names by Quik cannot be integrated into classic DNS, they are protected by the Ethereum (ETH) network, with more blockchains to come.

Minting unstoppable domains in Quik does not take special skills: it is available even for newbies to crypto and blockchain. This feature is crucial for businesses that are considering migrating from the Web2 to Web3 scene.

Digital artworks, trading, royalties: Multiple earning strategies for Quik users

Tokenized domain naming instruments have a number of advantages. First and foremost, NFT domain name ownership is eternal there: users are charged with zero renewal fees.

At the same time, users can freely trade, exchange and donate their NFT domain names, gaining 5-10% royalties from every next sale.

Sahil Kohli, the CEO of Quik, highlights the importance of such a product for the entire decentralization segment:

NFT domains offer superior functionality over traditional domains, which are one-dimensional and have narrow purposes. We believe blockchain domain names have the potential to drive the idea of a truly decentralized internet.

When buying an NFT domain for the first time, every crypto owner gets unique tokenized digital artwork from a limited NFT collection.

Besides adding support for additional blockchains, Quik is ready to start offering NFT Domain TLDs  such as .btc, .ai, .web3, .address and others.

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