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United Investors Group International Leader Rabu Gary’s Investment Advice

Thu, 03/03/2022 - 13:39
United Investors Group International Leader Rabu Gary’s Investment Advice
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Investment advice can come from all over: books, podcasts, magazines, and more. It can become overwhelming, especially for people first venturing into the investment and financial world. One of the most important things to consider when seeking out financial advice is the person’s experience in the industry. There are thousands of professionals in the field, but it’s changing at a rapid pace. This includes the rise of cryptocurrency. When it comes to investing in crypto, one of the places people should turn for guidance is United Investors Group International or UIGI. This group is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency world, creating opportunities for people everywhere.

Cryptocurrency has been one of the major players in the financial field these past few years. While there is plenty of investment wisdom out there, being knowledgeable in this field can be considered a niche sector. Because it’s relatively new and unique, those interested in investing in crypto may have to look beyond traditional hedge funds and financial advisors. Thousands of people have turned to UIGI and its leadership, mainly Rabu Gary, to unlock the financial freedom so many people are striving for.

While all 15 of the UIGI board members have invaluable guidance, Rabu Gary’s recommended investment methods have made all the difference for thousands of UIGI members. One of his primary recommendations is to never play with money you can’t afford to lose. This prevents investors from putting themselves in a negative financial situation. Once you do invest your money, forget you ever had it. It’s never beneficial to invest your invaluable energy thinking about making your money back.

“If you do, you will be lucky if you make a dime,” shares Rabu.

Once you start to make money on your principal investment, Rabu recommends his expertly-crafted “one-third rule.” This means you’ll split your profits into three directions, setting you up for long-term success.

Direction #1: 1/3 goes to pay down any debt that you have. Eliminating debt is just as important as enjoying profits and is an integral piece of creating a solid financial life.

Direction #2: 1/3 is used to re-invest into passive income streams. Re-investing into passive income streams gives you even more opportunities to reach the income you’ve been striving for.

Direction #3: 1/3 is split in half. One half of that goes toward taxes, and the other half is for fun.

It’s essential to strike a balance between these three avenues because putting all your profits into one place isn’t beneficial for ongoing financial freedom.

Rabu has already achieved incredible financial freedom from following these principles, which is why he’s sharing them with UIGI members and non-members alike. Those who join UIGI are given access to a plethora of cryptocurrency opportunities, all of which have been vetted and proven to be legitimate. And instead of thousands of people competing for opportunities, the group takes a more collaborative approach. The group shares opportunities, knowledge, and advice like the method above to empower one another in their journey to financial freedom.


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