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The First Virtual WASM Conference: A 1-Day Virtual Event Dedicated to the Polkadot Smart Contracts

Fri, 13/05/2022 - 8:46
The First Virtual WASM Conference: A 1-Day Virtual Event Dedicated to the Polkadot Smart Contracts
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31 May 2022 The First Virtual WASM Conference will be held.


1500+ attendees will be at this virtual event, the registration is free. The conference is pioneered by Supercolony venture studio and supported by Polkadot Treasury and WEB3Foundation. Business stage, Technical stage, Expo zone, and Networking zone! We will bring together key WASM stakeholders to discuss the future of WASM: 15+ main Polkadot players will be speakers. Our next goal is to be the voice of WASM smart contracts! That’s why the WASM conference will be held twice a year and will start a series of events dedicated to Polkadot ecosystem growth.

As Gavin Wood once said — “WebAssembly in the future, but legacy EVM is right now.” And WASM conference organizer, Toma Sadova, **Supercolony Market Growth Lead, answers: “I think the future is coming, and we should build the necessary conditions to speed up it.”

Supercolony is a venture studio dedicated to converting business ideas into successful high-level companies, leading the development processes, improving and strengthening business models, and increasing market capitalization.

Our main mission is to make blockchain usable for everyone.

Supercolony's goal is ecosystem creation, taking leadership in moving the market forward, creating the vector of ecosystem development, and making the entrance points for businesses more accessible. We create the way if there isn’t one. Now we clearly see this way: WASM in Polkadot as an essential next step in WEB3 progress.

Why should we choose WASM Contract Pallet over EVM or others?

The problem with EVM is that it is a stack-based machine with its limitations, and so this means that smart contract cannot surpass a certain complexity and has some limitations in what can be done. This limits the features that the contract developers can create and discourage innovative projects from appearing on blockchains. Even with eWASM, the contract performance will be very slow, meaning that eWASM will not be as performant as a native WASM solution.

Furthermore, unlike EVM, adding additional language support for smart contract development. If we want to expand the smart contract development scene for a better future for blockchain technology, we need to make the technology more accessible for everyone.

To keep building the future of ecosystem, Supercolony is pioneering The First Virtual WASM Conference: a 1-day virtual event dedicated to the Polkadot smart contracts. Date: 31 May 2022. The registration is free. Our goal is to create a future of WASM in WEB3.0 by making it the starting point for business in the Polkadot ecosystem. It will accelerate main WASM stakeholders and key players in the whole ecosystem to discuss hot questions about WASM and ink! and determine the vector of ecosystem development. Conference attendees will help grow the ecosystem by resolving pertinent issues, accelerating innovation, and attracting more top talent to the Polkadot.

This conference aimed to accelerate main stakeholders and key players in the whole ecosystem to discuss hot questions like — “Why WASM is the base layer of decentralized application development.”, “Why WebAssembly Matters in Polkadot,” “Future of the smart contracts,» and more exciting things! We aim to develop the Polkadot ecosystem further.

WASM conference is supported by Polkadot Treasury and WEB3 Foundation. We will bring top parachains, prospects, and builders together to create the future of Polkadot: Parity, Acala, Astar, RMRK, Phala, AllianceBlock, etc., 15+ confirmed top speakers:  SOTA WATANABE, Founder of Astar; BRUNO ŠKVORC, and; BRYAN CHEN, Co-founder & CTO at Acala; ALEXANDER THEISSEN, Smart Contracts Execution Lead at Parity, and others.

Moreover, we believe that the attendees could help grow the ecosystem by resolving relevant issues, accelerating innovation, and attracting more top talent to the Polkadot ecosystem. Also, we strive for each participant to understand why it is essential to develop the ecosystem in this direction. At the conference, you will understand why you will be left “overboard” without going to WASM!

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