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MetaSpace Making Waves Through NFT Space and Time

Wed, 13/04/2022 - 14:20
MetaSpace Making Waves Through NFT Space and Time
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MetaSpace warps in at lightspeed to reveal a new galaxy of gaming to the NFT community with infinite potential for growth.


Aiming to revolutionize the space-gaming environment, MetaSpace allows players to purchase their own NFT space ships, each with their own unique galactic purpose. Creating a new home for a new generation of humanity, all NFTs will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and set values by MetaSpace players, the community, and investors.

So far, MetaSpace has already launched their website, started Beta game development and established a unique Discord community of not just NFT fans but gamers too.

Tokenomics: A Galactic Economy

Every galaxy needs a currency and the native MetaSpace token (MTSP) ensures the economy continues its expansion into the furthest reaches of space. 

MTSP is an ERC20 token that ensures decentralization of the MetaSpace ecosystem. Serving multiple purposes within MetaSpace, MTSP will be used to spend in the MetaSpace digital galaxy, to buy or rent additional in-game items (NFTs), and more.


Directed towards serious growth and long-term goals, MetaSpace’s roadmap is ambitious, realistic, and the team behind the project are determined to deliver this galaxy of opportunity to players globally. 

MetaSpace’s roadmap includes the creation of a Virtual Reality (VR) game, the launch of the MTSP token for a strong economic foundation in-game, and the launch of a unique 10,000 3D spacecraft NFT items. As the real galaxy continues to expand every day, so too does the galaxy of MetaSpace as it sets its sights to the stars.

Players and investors alike await the upcoming stages of deployment of the MetaSpace roadmap all set to be established within 2022. The upcoming roadmap stages include:

  • The 10,000 NFT Spaceships launch
  • The MTSP Token launch
  • DEFI launch
  • First In-Game Release
  • Game Launch Part 1

Join The Confederation Today

To get onboarded and claim a place in the world of MetaSpace, see the links below to join the community today and work towards a brighter future:

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