Jubiter: What is the best cryptocurrency wallet

Jubiter: What is the best cryptocurrency wallet

Jubiter Technologies OU is currently offering Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets and already has plans to add Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash into their services.  Learn how to best take advantage of Jubiter.com’s services.

First of all, they have Bitcoin, which is the oldest and most trusted cryptocurrency in the whole cyber world.  Litecoin came out two years later and is also one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Although its utilization is not as prevalent as Bitcoin, it does have some features that are better than Bitcoin.

Listed below are a few essential differences between Bitcoin and Litecoin:





Creation of a new block


10 minutes


2 ½ minutes








Coin Limit


21 Million


84 Million




Adv. – Accepted by a lot of merchants



Disadv. – lesser volume of transactions


Adv. – Higher volume of transactions



Disadv. – accepted by a limited no. of merchants


It is possible from the above chart to decipher which cryptocurrency wallet is best but you should also consider the plans you have for your cryptocurrency. Will you use it mainly for shopping and buying? Are you someone with large funds and plans to make investments? Litecoin offers elements that could rival Bitcoin although most believe Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency wallet because it provides a much wider scope of buy-and-sell emporium and has been tested and proven numerous times when it comes to its investment features.

Jubiter’s Security

Jubiter proclaims high-security assurances to its clients from 169 countries by making sure that they only offer the best security aspects of cryptocurrency exchange. They safeguard user funds by only letting 3% of the funds be used for simple online transactions while 97% of it remains in an offline, secured storage. Their security features are intricately engineered by top cybersecurity experts who are forever up-to-date with the latest cyber trends. Jubiter also provide two-factor authentication and Login Guard security featured for extra protection.

 Jubiter’s Licenses

Jubiter is a legal crypto entity that is supported by several government-issued licenses and certificates. They have the clear copies of the following documents on their website which you can check for legitimacy:

  • FinCEN MSB Registration – checked under the United States Department of the Treasury
  • PCI DDS Compliant – duly recognized international standards by MasterCard and Visa
  • Exchanging a Virtual Currency – state-issued financial license
  • Virtual Currency Wallet Service – state-issued financial license
  • Certificate of Incumbency – state-recognition of the business and its owner

Jubiter’s Customer Support

Jubiter is open every Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 12 Midnight in EST time zone, you can send any concerns you have through their customer support email [email protected] and if you have any business queries you want to talk about you can e-mail them at [email protected]. They also have their own local contact numbers in UK (+44 800 0488-449), USA (+1 855 979-6669), and Estonia (+372 880 41-79). If you want to find out more and be updated on anything new that is happening to Jubiter, you can go to their blogsite https://www.jubiter.com/blog

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