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Introducing the Era of Hyper-Realistic Multiverse: Beyond the Metaverse

Fri, 28/07/2023 - 8:55
Introducing the Era of Hyper-Realistic Multiverse: Beyond the Metaverse
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Dubai, UAE – The entertainment landscape is about to be revolutionized with the advent of a hyper- realistic, photorealistic multiverse platform that goes far beyond what we know as the Metaverse.


Imagine stepping into a digital realm where anything is possible, where countless parallel universes exist, and where you can enjoy an array of mind-blowing experiences. This is the future that Dayroot, the first metaverse of Creta's multiverse service, promises to deliver, and it has captured the attention of enthusiasts worldwide.

However, what exactly does the term 'metaverse' imply? If you're familiar with popular virtual platforms that offer real-time experiences such as interactive gaming and live performances, you've already grasped the essence of it. These virtual spaces serve as conduits for millions of users to engage in shared experiences. Nevertheless, they are constrained within the boundaries of their respective platforms, leaving users yearning for more diverse content and the inconvenience of having to switch between various metaverse offerings. Even the recent progress in decentralized blockchain technology, which has given rise to Web3-based services, still encounters similar limitations.

This is where Creta comes in, aiming to break the barriers of the existing metaverse content by offering a high-performance public blockchain Web3-based multiverse platform. With the collaboration of global experts, Creta is developing a platform that opens up infinite possibilities of universes and content for users worldwide.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Creta boasts a team of world-renowned developers, publishers, and blockchain experts, all with decades of experience in the gaming industry. Their combined expertise, including luminaries like Ray Nakazato, a respected producer in the gaming industry, and Alexander Harutyunyan, the former CEO of INNOVA, who substantially increased the value of the video game publishing enterprise, aims to position Creta as the global leader in gaming and content creation.

Their vision is to create a next-generation, global-oriented Web3 multiverse platform ecosystem that caters to both gamers and game creators alike.

Unlike the current metaverse, Creta's revolutionary concept centers around a mega multiverse, bringing together numerous interconnected metaverses with stunning photorealistic visual quality. Initially, the platform will introduce three basic metaverse worlds, with plans to continually add diverse metaverses with unique concepts through partnerships. This design ensures that users can seamlessly explore and enjoy a "multiverse" world that transcends the boundaries of any single metaverse. The technological backbone behind this is the cutting-edge "Locus GameChain," reducing server costs dramatically, and the high-performance public blockchain, Locus Chain, addressing scalability challenges.

The Creta Multiverse aims to be an all-in-one hub for a wide range of content services, seamlessly integrating games, performances, shopping, and user-generated content spaces. This consolidation of experiences caters to the preferences of each user, ensuring a harmonious blend of light goal- achievement games, immersive high-quality content, and more.

Moreover, Creta is preparing to launch the Web3-based community called "Creta SuperClub." This community-driven platform will empower users to share information, engage in discussions through clubs and forums, and make use of blockchain advantages. Notably, users, not developers, will have ownership of the clubs and be able to trade various NFTs, such as game items, within the platform, fostering a sense of trust and convenience.

The visionary CEO of Creta Japan, Ray Nakazato, confidently asserts, "The Creta platform's high- performance, blockchain-based photorealistic graphics hold infinite potential for expansion, promising an entirely new world of experiences that has never been seen before."

In conclusion, the hyper-realistic multiverse platform offered by Creta has the potential to reshape the entertainment industry, offering a limitless range of experiences and uniting the worlds of gaming, blockchain, and Web3 into a single, cohesive genre. As we move towards this exciting future, Creta is poised to be at the forefront, leading the way in creating a truly immersive and interconnected digital universe for all.

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