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FinCypher - The New Generation of DeFi

Thu, 05/20/2021 - 12:12
FinCypher - The New Generation of DeFi
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What do you know about CDO?

With the mission of connecting borrowers and lenders, allowing capital to flow throughout the financial markets, CDO is a derivative tool that enables the repackaging of risky liabilities and loans into security. finance. In addition, CDO plays an important role in effectively allocating credit risk in the market, allowing market participants to protect their positions and speculate on credit risks.

In the DeFi space, to beat traditional finance, a lot of CDO infrastructure is growing. In the world there are bankers like Curve Finance (CRV) with Iron Bank, lending platforms like Alpha Finance Lap (ALPHA) with Alpha Homora, Aave Protocol (AAVE), etc. But with these platforms, it benefits rates are highly volatile and risky, which creates a significant barrier of entry for risk-averse investors.

FinCypher Protocol - Tectonic place for the future

FinCypher CCDO is the electronic equivalent of financial CDOs. Our toolkit allows the aggregation of a large number of risky assets, such as DeFi loans, assets associated with betting results, even major receivables and their application. miners in the contract to issue Fincypher crypto tools using those subordinates as collateral. The protocol itself is a special-purpose vehicle based on smart contracts and related markets that completely summarizes the complexity of issuing and trading this complex derivative. The whole system is completely decentralized and very developer friendly.

FinCypher CDO allows to stabilize the interest rate of the loan group related to the system. Each type of installment offers a different interest rate based on the type. The interest rate is directly correlated with the risk of the farm. Branches with higher contractual maturity (less risky considering the base's payback), offer lower fixed interest rates than other higher-risk affiliates.

FinCypher is confident that: We will bring stable interest rates to borrowers, reduce risk for fast loans and help crypto assets to rotate from lenders hands to those in need.

Development roadmap of Fincypher in 2021: 

May: Develop smart contract infrastructure for FINCYPHER CDOs to enable easy-to-configure capabilities.

July: Develop the Relay Infrastructure (based on 0X) to facilitate the rapid delivery of the Dex dedicated to Fincypher

Oct, 2021

Release of powerful API gateway enabling easy integration of the FinCypher smart contract layer to third-party systems

Nov, 2021

Release of the fully functional DEX enabling easy development and the of Fincypher Cypher CDOs

How about FinCypher token? 

The FinCypher token has 2 main functions in the system. First, it is applied as a base currency in the Fincypher ecosystem for the trade of Fincypher Crypto CDOs. Secondly, token drives the governance process in Fincypher ecosystem allowing stakeholders to securely execute Fincypher protocol upgrades.

FinCypher token will be the system’s governance token, empowering token holders to vote on updates to the platform. Combining governance mechanisms and incentivizing holders, it will serve as a means to align the different stakeholders in the system.

Opium (OPIUM) is one of the first CDO projects in the space, is pumping recently right after listing on DEXs such as Uniswap, 1INCH, and SushiSwap. With the high potential of CDO markets in DeFi, FinCypher token promisingly gets a remarkable price.


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