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Cardano DEX Bashoswap Expands To Mikomedia Testnet And Announces Private BASH Token Sale

Thu, 7/04/2022 - 7:14
Cardano DEX Bashoswap Expands To Mikomedia Testnet And Announces Private BASH Token Sale
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Cardano's multi-chain DEX BashoSwap takes the next step toward interoperability by launching on the Milkmedia sidechain. A testnet of the decentralized exchange will go live soon, and the $BASH private sale is on the horizon.


Cardano is a robust blockchain ecosystem with an innovative EUTXO model. That model makes the network very appealing to developers looking to usher in next-generation dApps and products. The Bashoswap team taps Cardano as the top blockchain for its Automated Market Making (AMM) protocol, decentralized governance, an IDO launchpad, and novel features. 

Bashoswap leverages self-enforcing smart contracts running on the Cardano blockchain. These contracts enable token swaps between participants and offer tokens enhanced liquidity to thrive. Bashoswap Lead Developer J3di Blue, during an AMA with Cardanodaily, highlighted the project's plans and goals:

"We have set realistic goals for this year, starting with our release of a 100% secure and scalable DEX on Cardano. Moving forward also this year, we shall launch on the DEX features like Token minting, a Launchpad, and a Cardano Native Staking platform. Some of these features are already in active development with progress regularly updated on our social media channels."

The expansion to the Milkomeda testnet provides a bright future for multi-chain operations. Milkomedia is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible sidechain, letting developers achieve cross-chain compatibility between Cardano and Ethereum. 

Unlike other decentralized exchanges on the Cardano blockchain, Bashoswap will establish a truly decentralized multi-chain and self-sustaining community-driven protocol where token holders make the decisions. 

That decision-making process involves $BASH, the native token of the Bashoswap ecosystem. Users can leverage $BASH to govern the Basho Protocol, ensuring decentralized consensus at all times. Other benefits of $BASH include:

  • Early adopters serve a crucial role in BashoSwap's mission to become the leading DEX on Cardano
  • $BASH holders pay lower fees when trading 
  • Guaranteed slots & IDO whitelist allocation for token holders
  • $BASH is used to reward liquidity providers exploring yield farming options. 

The BashoSwap team aims to expand its presence shortly through synergetic partnerships with established blockchain ecosystems. Those partnerships will pave the way for broader participation and adoption.

Bash Token Initial Sale

The $BASH token will go through an initial private sale stage soon. Institutional investors who want to take part in that sale can get in touch with the Bashoswap team by sending an inquiry to 

About Bashoswap

Bashoswap is a decentralized exchange built on top of the Cardano blockchain. This project intends to bring Cardano-based projects to the limelight, which will have a far-reaching effect on the Cardano ecosystem. 

Bashoswap will join forces with other existing projects on different blockchains, including the AMM, Unicrypt, PancakeSwap, Staking, and LP Token locking model on Uniswap, to revolutionize the DeFi space and create DeFi apps powered by the $Bash token.

Behind the BashoSwap project is a team of experienced developers and project managers. The core founding team is composed of developers and crypto enthusiasts with a deep understanding of native assets, smart contracts on Cardano, and the overall blockchain ecosystem.





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