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Pixlr Launches Largest Decentralized Art Museum: Details

Wed, 11/03/2021 - 12:00
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Vladislav Sopov
Photo editing application Pixlr invites all creators to take part in its massive NFT initiative
Pixlr Launches Largest Decentralized Art Museum: Details
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Photo editing and design ecosystem Pixlr announces its first foray into the red-hot segment of digital collectibles. Its multi-product ecosystem will harness the majority of mainstream NFT use cases in building the world’s largest NFT art museum and movement.

Pixlr introduces NFT-centric ecosystem

Pixlr, an iconic image-editing product used by tens of millions of users, introduces its first large-scale initiative in the segment of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Pixlr Genesis. This concept is focused on building the largest decentralized museum in the Web3 segment and metaverse.

Within this program, Pixlr introduces 10,000 unique NFT “Passes,” with each pass representing a unique piece of collectible A.I. generated art.

As an “Art Connoisseur,” digital art enthusiasts can become a patron of the arts in the NFT space and support promising early-stage creators.

The passes provide holders with cryptographically secure access to display a piece of art within the digital gallery of Pixlr Genesis.

“Premium Access” items unlock unique community airdrops of limited collections.

Pixlr launches NFTs program
Image by Pixlr Genesis

Pixlr Genesis NFT holders will also be able to use unique tools for creating non-fungible tokens, NFT-based “experiences” and community management mechanisms.

Technically, Pixlr Ecosystem will include five modules: “Gallery,” “Auction,” “Mint,” “Masterpiece,” and “Community.” 

Pixlr Gallery is a design for exhibitions that allows everyone to display his/her artwork. Pixlr Auction module attempts to democratize the process of buying/selling pieces of digital art.

Pixlr Masterpiece is a “screenshot” of the entire ecosystem that consists of 10,000 elements. It will be time-stamped twice a year. Pixlr Mint eases the NFT minting process for authors with various levels of expertise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Grant program launches to support creators and curators

Last but not least, the Pixlr Community is a global network of creators that allows digital artists to share their experiences, ideas and concepts amongst each other.

To nurture its emerging digital art ecosystem, Pixlr launches Pixlr Genesis Grants Program. Twenty-five percent of aggregated secondary royalties from all sales on the platform will be transferred to the artists in the form of community-driven grants.

Right now, Pixlr will be dropping five unique NFT collections (“drops”). As stated by its team, these collections will be released in the coming 24 months

Limited sale starting 1st December 2021

The first 2000 passes will be released on Dec. 1, 2021 starting from 0.3 Ether each with prices being increased in each subsequent wave. All 10,000 NFTs will be distributed among enthusiasts in five consecutive tokensales.

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