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Peter Schiff Hires Himself Out for Bitcoin Debate With Pomp and Mark Yusko, Max Keiser Claims

Mon, 14/09/2020 - 14:05
Peter Schiff Hires Himself Out for Bitcoin Debate With Pomp and Mark Yusko, Max Keiser Claims
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Prominent Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser has taken a jab at Bitcoin hater Peter Schiff, claiming that the latter is "hiring himself out as a human punching bag" for Bitcoin evangelists.

This time, Schiff is publicly debating Anthony Pompliano and Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko.

Keiser throws accusations at Schiff

Prominent TV host on RT and Bitcoin proponent Max Keiser has tweeted that his sources told him Peter Schiff takes pay for participating in shows where he opposes Bitcoin advocates. He criticizes BTC and submits himself to be used as a "human punching bag."

The pay is not that much, as per Keiser’s sources"a measly few thousand bucks." With this statement, Max Keiser most likely assumes that Schiff intends to let his opponents win a debate in which he slams Bitcoin.

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Peter Schiff is "safeguarding potential victims of the Bitcoin pyramid scheme"

CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff, responded that he is participating in these debates for free to prevent potential victims of what he called the "Bitcoin pyramid scheme" from losing their money.

I'm not being paid anything. Just doing my part to safeguard potential victims of the Bitcoin pyramid scheme.

The debate Schiff is taking part in this time will be against Anthony Pompliano (co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital), Mark Yusko (CEO of Morgan Creek Capital) and Daniel Lacalle (chief economist at asset management company Tressis).

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Schiff Junior loves Bitcoin but his father does not

Despite critiques of the flagship cryptocurrency that Peter Schiff shares all the time on his Twitter page, many believe that by doing so he is actually promoting Bitcoin by making it a constant subject of his tweets.

Still, Schiff recently surprised the community by saying that his son, Spencer Schiff, is actually into Bitcoin, thus taking quite a different approach to finance and life than his father. The senior Schiff asked if the community was willing to send Spencer some Sats as a birthday present.


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