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McDonald's Embraces Crypto Community with 'WAGMI' Attitude

Fri, 01/27/2023 - 11:06
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Alex Dovbnya
Fast-food chain's tweets and involvement in crypto community have sparked interest and even memes among crypto enthusiasts
McDonald's Embraces Crypto Community with 'WAGMI' Attitude
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Fast food giant McDonald's once again attracted attention within the cryptocurrency community after it tweeted "wagmi" in response to Binance's tweet about plenty of green candles.

Last January, as reported by U.Today, the company posted a tweet mocking crypto investors as the world's largest cryptocurrency dropped below the $33,000 threshold. However, the tweet ended up being a "bottom signal" for the market as the cryptocurrency soon surged to a two-week high of $41,983 in early February.

McDonald's jokingly attributes the market recovery to the fact that it tweeted the popular acronym "wagmi," which stands for "We're all gonna make it."

In late 2022, McDonald's started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method in Lugano, Switzerland. Prior to that, it also embraced the largest cryptocurrency in El Salvador in September 2021 after Bitcoin was adopted there as legal tender.

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The fast food chain has also trolled Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the past, asking him to accept Grimacecoin, a made-up cryptocurrency, in exchange for enabling payments in meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin. The fake token created after McDonald's joke tweet also surged as much as 285,641% in a few hours as opportunistic actors jumped at the chance to cash in on the hype.

It is worth noting that McDonald's is not the only fast-food chain courting the cryptocurrency community. In 2021, Burger King announced a deal with Robinhood to offer rewards in various cryptocurrencies, while Shiba Inu has its own fast-food restaurant after partnering with Naples-based burger joint Welly.

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