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Klever Releases Whitepaper For Its Own Klever Exchange

Thu, 06/24/2021 - 14:15
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Vladislav Sopov
Leading multi-platform crypto app Klever is set to release its own crypto exchange
Klever Releases Whitepaper For Its Own Klever Exchange
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Klever, a high-performance application for digital assets storage and swapping, is going to release its own full-stack Klever Exchange in the coming days.

Klever to launch native exchange

According to an exclusive press release by the Klever team, it has published a whitepaper on Klever Exchange. A new platform that will empower the entire Klever community with the novel instrument of digital assets trading.

Klever app launches its own exchange
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As per the document, one of the main focus of Klever’s engineers, designers and marketers will be on crypto newbies, as Klever Exchange will have an intuitive and easy-to-understand user experience. 

That said, Klever Exchange will ensure reliability and provide useful features to experienced traders with market-leading speed, ironclad security, market maker opportunities and low fees. 

The trading fees structure and mechanisms will also be suitable even for users with small deposits, specifically targeting users from the developing world.

KLV, the core native asset of Klever App, will remain the backbone of Klever Exchange tokenomics. Every new asset on Klever Exchange will be listed first against the KLV token, and all exchange fees will be paid in KLV.

Klever Exchange will go live on Android on June 30 while the web application will be released in Q3, 2021.

Security, UX, speed, and compliance

Unmatched security, polished UX, high speed and full regulatory compliance will be the four building blocks of Klever Exchange. To ensure the unmatched security of users’ funds, Klever Exchange will utilize Klever Security Modules (KSMs), the novel custody instruments, which is a technical innovation by the Klever team itself.

Due to the utilization of the Autonomous Orderbook concept, the new exchange will be capable of processing over 3 million transactions per second, for each key pair. Therefore, the bandwidth of the Klever Exchange trading machine looks really ground-breaking.

Klever OS SDK (Software Development Kit) and its proprietary Software Security Modules (SSMs) will ensure unparalleled developer experience for Klever-oriented engineers. 

Klever Exchange will boast 10 VIP tiers for experienced traders with large trading volumes. To be eligible for VIP tiers, a user should process 10,000 USDT in trading volume and larger. On the top levels, negative trading and KLV Pay fees are introduced, so the "whales" will be actually paid for their trading on Klever Exchange.

In Q4, 2021, the entire Klever ecosystem, including Klever Exchange, will be powered by its own Klever Blockchain, as stated by its team.

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