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Joseon Blockchain Ecosystem Introduces First-Ever Virtual Nation-State

Sat, 14/10/2023 - 16:30
Joseon Blockchain Ecosystem Introduces First-Ever Virtual Nation-State
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Joseon, a unique digital dynasty weaving the past with the present, launches the first-ever cyber nation state on blockchain and invites crypto enthusiasts from all over the world to take part in amazing IEOs.

Legendary Korean dynasty back as blockchain ecosystem

Joseon, a virtual nation state rooted in the Korean history of the Middle Ages and early modern period, released a detailed whitepaper. Joseon is not a fresh construct but a reverberation from 1392 — a dynastic state known for its Confucian ethos and remarkable innovations like Hangul, the Korean written script. Joseon has reimagined itself and has been legally recognized as a sovereign cyber nation in the international realm.

Joseon launches cyber nation-state
Image by Joseon

Namely, the new state was officially recognized by Antigua and Barbuda, a UN member state. The legal tapestry of Joseon reveals a unique design. It is a realm not bound by geographical demarcations but by digital dominions. The essence of sovereignty here is not tethered to land - as nation-states traditionally are - but sprawls across cyberspace, a concept that is as intriguing as it is revolutionary.

It also replaces the traditional concept of citizenship by denizenship centered on a personal interest corporation called a "denizen"; it allows a synergy between physical and cyber identities, crafting a new social narrative where reputations are fungible.

Its economic system is based on the Mun cryptocurrency. Mun is the equivalent of fiat currencies in Joseon. Besides being a reliable censorship-resistant medium of exchange in Joseon, it is also an ambitious and transparent statement of Joseon's economic vision.

It is structured to fuel government operations, acknowledge the toil of officials and foster entrepreneurship. The notion of an "unbannable" cryptocurrency stemming from a sovereign entity like Joseon is a riveting notion and probably a cue for other digital dominions.

Joseon becomes first-ever globally recognized cyber nation-state

According to the Code of National Governance, the digital nation-state of Joseon recognizes all languages as its national languages and all religions as official ones.

The country was reimagined by Joseon King Andrew Lee as a digital nation without territory or borders. In this status, it was recognized by Antigua and Barbuda: the two countries inked a treaty that supports education, economic investment and other developmental initiatives and provides the basis for long-standing friendly relations.

Speaking to U.Today, representatives of the country stressed its unique legal design and state management model:

[Joseon] is a crypto safe haven in this world where you can legally engage in crypto without any risk of any kind because sovereignty is the absolute authority in this world and another sovereignty doesn't have authority over another sovereignty

Per their official statement, cryptocurrencies represent legal tender in Joseon and can be used for investments, daily payments and cross-border transactions.

Joseon's denizens can take part in FDOC and WIN token sales

As a contribution to the global crypto ecosystem, Joseon invites all of its supporters to participate in a number of unique token sales.

First, crypto enthusiasts can purchase FDOC tokens. The First Day Out Collective, or FDOC, represents a tokenized stake in the song "Rundown Spaz ft. Kanye West - First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 2" and a voice in its ownership direction and future business. The sale will be organized on the Latoken exchange on Oct. 16, 2023.

Also, to benefit from the success of the song "Winners Win" by Lil' Flip and D-Man The Underdog, crypto owners can purchase WIN tokens on Latoken starting from Oct. 18, 2023.


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