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Introducing Aurus, New Standard for Tokenized Precious Metals

Wed, 05/24/2023 - 14:44
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Vladislav Sopov
Aurus team introduces Gold-, Silver- and Platinum-pegged assets to merge benefits of Web2 and Web3 investing
Introducing Aurus, New Standard for Tokenized Precious Metals
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Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U.Today. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.

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Aurus is changing the game in precious metals investing through blockchain technology. Users can buy, trade and earn precious metals via Aurus’ global network of partners in a 100% decentralized way.

Aurus: Truly decentralized stablecoins backed by precious metals

Founded in 2018, Aurus specializes in blockchain-based tokenization of precious metals, offering tGOLD, tSILVER, and tPLATINUM. Each token is backed by and redeemable for 1 gram of physical gold, silver, or platinum respectively. Unlike the majority of its competitors, Aurus prioritizes a decentralized and transparent approach to tokenization.

To keep the processes of minting and burning transparent, Aurus has implemented an on-chain method for tokenizing physical assets through a worldwide network of delegated partners.

Authorized partners can initiate a tokenization request by storing physical Gold, Silver or Platinum bullion in any accredited vault. New tGOLD, tSILVER and tPLATINUM tokens can only be issued once provenance and proof of ownership are validated by both the custodian and an external auditor.

Mark Gesterkamp, CBDO of Aurus, stresses that this methodology allows the tokenization of precious metals to become more inclusive and democratic than ever before: 

Decentralization is the first step to achieving a sustainable and globally-viable asset-backed token economy.

As such, the three most popular precious metals are available as tGOLD (TXAU), tSILVER (TXAG) and tPLATINUM (TXPT) assets. Tokenized precious metals offer investors a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional physical metals, with the additional benefits of instant settlements, 24/7 real-time trading, and reduced intermediaries.

Tokenized precious metals in Web3: Use cases

Precious metals, such as gold and silver, have served as essential financial instruments for thousands of years due to their unique properties and ability to preserve value. Central banks around the world continue to hoard these precious metals, reinforcing their role as a stable resource and sound money for the foreseeable future.

Tokenized precious metals, such as tGOLD, tSILVER, and tPLATINUM, offer a portable, transferable, and liquid alternative to physical precious metals, which are cumbersome, expensive to store, and carry high premiums. These digital assets possess the advantages of physical gold, silver, and platinum without traditional drawbacks, such as limited transportability or high storage costs. 

Aurus’ vision is to create a truly decentralized system that fosters a more inclusive and efficient precious metals market. By leveraging blockchain technology, our mission is to democratize access to precious metals ownership, enhance their usability, and explore modern use cases. We aim to re-establish precious metals as viable investments and currencies for the future.

AurusX allows to earn rewards in precious metals

Aurus has created a way for users to benefit from the growth of Aurus and earn a passive income stream in physical gold, silver and platinum via its ecosystem token, AurusX. 

AurusX (AX) is the Aurus ecosystem token that can be staked in the Aurus app to earn passive rewards in tGOLD, tSILVER, and tPLATINUM. Rewards are generated from ecosystem transaction, minting and burning fees, which can be claimed by AurusX token holders. As ecosystem activity grows, so do the rewards generated.


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AurusX derives its value from the transactional velocity of precious metals, making it a unique portfolio diversifier that provides passive rewards in Gold, Silver and Platinum regardless of market conditions or price fluctuations.  

Future developments for tokenized precious metals

Aurus is on a mission to unlock the full potential of precious metals by working with innovative partners to expand and enhance their use cases, including payments, DeFi, gaming, and NFTs. Aurus’ future ambition is to ultimately become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as highlighted in the Aurus roadmap for 2023 and beyond.

A key highlight of the roadmap is the Visa Payment Card in collaboration with Tangem. This development will enable users to spend gold, silver, and platinum as effortlessly as fiat currency to offer unparalleled access and convenience for users.

Benefit from the future success of Aurus and start earning passive rewards in real precious metals with AurusX:

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